Loony Gun Grabbers Fail to Ban Ammunition


Not Hazardous...unless intended.

EDITORIAL: Gun owners dodge the bullet

In a rare moment of sanity, the EPA has slapped down an attempt to ban lead in bullets as a “health risk”. Though most of us will admit that that a well-placed 185gr hollow point  is going affect the health of the target, the EPA has stated that damage to the environment at large is a negligible or nonexistent risk.


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U.S. Navy “Diversity Accountability” = Reverse Discrimination

Admiral Gary Roughhead

The U.S. Navy has embarked upon a NEW voyage…into racial segregation and affirmative action. Typically, a gobbledygook euphemism is used to describe this pernicious back-to-the-future scheme; Admiral Gary Roughhead (the current CNO) lays down the rules for this new “Diversity Accountability” in a secret-but-leaked email to other flag officers, mandating that high-performing minority officers be identified by name to assure that they are offered key billets (jobs) in the navy command structure.

“The message specifies, “This list must be held very closely but will provide ready reference to ensure we are carefully monitoring and supporting the careers of the best and the brightest the Navy has to offer.” That is, the best and the brightest provided a sailor is one of the euphemistically “diverse.” If you are a white male, it might be time to set sail and seek opportunities elsewhere.”

The effect, of course, is that these minority officers will be mentored and fast-tracked to command or other key responsibilities ahead of their white counterparts who perform equally well or better. Just what we need: a U.S. Navy CNO – who so sympathizes with the current administration’s goals of loading up American leadership cadres with under-performing apparatchiks of the right color that he is willing to help destroy the meritocracy that our military structures strive for – bowing to the God of Diversity in an attempt to curry favor with America’s first communist president.

“In the contemporary naval bureaucracy, this type of politically correct nonsense has run out of control like a loose cannon on deck. The Naval Academy lists racial diversity as the “highest personnel priority,” apparently even over the mission of educating future Navy leaders for warfare on the high seas.”

Read the full WT article here.

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The Strenuous Life

I’ve lost another close friend…

At least it feels that way. I finished a biography of a great man yesterday. Everytime I read about someone who I truly respect and connect with I start experiencing the same sense of fear when the right side of the book keeps shrinking and the left side grows. I know how every biography ends and when it’s really someone of consequence, I fantasize that the dreaded page will never come.

This guy falls into my top 3 characters I have read so far. What makes him unique from the others is that this one was wealthy as a youngster. I have always felt that it is difficult for truly wealthy and priviliged people to become exceptional, but this man debunked my theory.

I have a hard time connecting with the Washingtons, and the Madisons, who achieve great things but exude an inhuman perfection of character and aversion to risk. I am drawn to the egostistical, charismatic, beligerent and opinionated bordering on dangerous characters. You know, the people who I can relate to. The people like me.

The man who said his father “hesitated whether to tell me something favorable because he did not think a sugar diet was good for me” teaches us that there is no value in building confidence in our children that is not well earned. We need only to watch episodes of American Idol to realize that making our kids feel good has become more important than instilling humility and the ability to reflect upon one’s self realistically. Hurting a child’s feelings is the worst of offenses today. This is why our kids are slower, dimmer, and better looking than any past generation. Don’t worry though, they love themselves.

This man grew up near the top of the metaphorical hill of race relations in the US. He spoke about equality and rights extended to all but failed to reconcile his platform with his personal view of the “lesser races”. What could be considered highly racialistic views today were nearly progressive in this era. He managed to see through almost impenetrable stereotypes and class distinctions and stick with an unpopular position which made him very unpopular in the Racist South of the Democrats. He was nearly ruined for dining with Booker T. Washington.

This man held very new and conflicting ideas about women. Before and during his presidency he prophetically introduced the idea of “race suicide” citing women’s independence and man and woman’s self satisfaction and laziness in a declining birthrate. It is ironic to consider birthrates during this generation and think that he was alarmed 110 years ago, but he was. On the other hand, while extolling the woman’s primary role as mother, he also became the first in the executive to champion the women’s suffrage campaign. Women far and wide from every walk of life dropped their old alliegances like soft apples and became loyal followers for life.

Politically it is complicated to assess this man’s platform and compare it to anything today. If I had to suppose, I would offer that he would be socially very liberal by today’s standards. He was a pro-labor president but you must consider that during this time period only a greedy monster would oppose organized labor. Men were literally working themselves to death a la Sinclair’s “The Jungle” and had I lived during this time I might have recognized the virtues of the bargaining unit. He was agressive when it came to foreign policy. He advocated a moral reform code that would exemplify his muscular christian upbringing that would scare the pants off your next door neighbor, but he did it out of love. He believed that Americans were in danger of becoming soft, weak, dumb, and evil. He introduced the strongest third party the nation has ever seen when he felt the Republican Party was starting to veer off track, and he almost won. Is this not a convenient time to consider this idea?

Personally, he advocated a “strenuous life”. Not just that he intended on living one, but that all American men should. This brought the man home for me. I’ve struggled to put words to my feelings on the man’s role in a world without substantial struggle. This man who predated me by nearly 75 years captured it. Speaking to “all that is most American in the American character” he urged upon the young American soul “not the doctrine of ignoble ease, but the doctrine of the strenuous life, the life of toil and effort, of labor and strife.”

He faced a time that we should relate to. A time between catastrophes. The Civil War was over and it seemed that it was time for rejoice and satisfaction. The time to reap the rewards. Much like today so many great generations had sacrificed to allow us to rest and prosper. He realized that when we rest and prosper we decline. We begin to take for granted our blessings, undermine those who gave them to us, and disgrace the strenuous path of those who could only dream of our comforts.

He was brutally hard on his sons to the point where he expected every one of them to come home wounded from The Great War in order to make him proud. Sadly, they all made Dad proud and came home wounded, except one who did not come home. Near the end of his short life while his children were being maimed he mourned for them. While he suffered from gout and rheumatism he told Edith he wanted nothing more than to have the boys home. The impact of his militaristic and roughhouse raising of his boys could be argued in vain without resolution. My view: they lived hard, fast, and proud because of their father.

He issued a warning to his adoring public that men and women today desperately need to hear, urging them not to go into the future “content to rot by inches in ignoble ease within our borders, taking no interest in what goes on beyond them, sunk in scrambling commercialism, heedless of the higher life, the life of aspiration, of toil and risk.” I would add to his list of shallow preoccupations the life of the three story townhouse, the trophy kid with the hispanic nanny, and the “stop and smell the roses” outlook on life. I would add that pleasure is a weekend relief, but not a life goal. These are my feelings, but I am glad to have them supported by a great President in our history. A hunter, a roughhouser, an egomaniac, a writer, a motivator, and a leader.

Theodore Roosevelt - The Bull Moose

Thank you TR, I’m glad I got to know you.

Thank you Kathleen Dalton, a fine historian, for bringing him to life.

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Send us a sign…


9.5% unemployment - but $20 Million for Signs

But…WHERE are the JOBS? Yeah these signs are nice, and we know pols think we’re so stupid that we’ll only understand they’re doing right by us if they put up a bunch of signs TELLING us how great they are, but wouldn’t $20 Million dollars have been put to better use HIRING a few people? If we needed another “sign” that our imperial rulers have only sneering contempt for us, well, here it is.

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The Audacity of Dope(s)

Liars, Boobs, Incompetents? All three? You Decide.

Where has there ever been assembled such an audacious gaggle of straight-faced liars as the Democrat Party has produced since they last came to power?

There are just too many examples to make them remarkable anymore; every day brings fantastic new claims from the mouths of these sons-of-Bill (I did NOT have sex with that woman), brash, bald-faced fabrications that belie obvious facts commonly understood by everyone with an IQ over 90.

Without further ado, here are today’s nominations for the Baron Münchhausen “I’ve Ridden a Cannonball” Prize:

Alfred E. Joe Biden

Alfred E. Joe Biden

First up: Alfred E. Joe Biden, for his contention that the stimulus package and other actions taken by himself and ObaMao have so far created or saved between 2.5 million and 3.6 million jobs, while the U.S. Department of Labor counts 2.9 million LOST jobs (that’s fewer, not more) during the same period. Oh, well, heh, that’s just ol’ Joe!

Alfred E. Brad Sherman

Alfred E. Brad Sherman

Next we nominate Rep. Alfred E. Brad Sherman (D) CA, who claims no knowledge of the DOJ dismissal of the case of voter intimidation by two New Black Panthers in Philly during the 2008 election, despite widespread media reporting, including allegations by a DOJ whistleblower that he was told the dismissal was “payback” and that such cases with black perps and white complainants would not be pursued.

Alfred E. Harry Reid

Alfred E. Harry Reid

And finally, we nominate the always-reliable prevaricator Alfred E. Harry Reid, for his look-you-in-the-eye contention that no illegal alien Mexicans are employed in construction in the State of Nevada. Nope. Not one. Maybe somewhere else that’s happening, but absolutely, positively NOT in Nevada, of that he’s 155% sure.

Alfred E. ObaMao

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KUHNER: Why Obama is a Cultural Muslim

OK; this is so forthright, so honest, and so on the money that I can’t add anything of value to it. Kuhner, MY MAN!

ObaMao MuslimClick these excerpts for the full column:

President Obama is betraying the Jews. He is a cultural Muslim whose sympathies lie with the Islamic world in its life-death struggle against Israel. Unless American Jews wake up and speak out against Mr. Obama’s pro-Arab, anti-Israel policies, the Jewish state faces a possible nuclear war – and even annihilation.

From its inception, Islamic civilization has been at war with its neighbors. The Muslim faith has spread throughout centuries by the sword and violent jihad.

From its inception, political Islam has been at war with the West…There is no escape for either Israel or America.

During his youth, Mr. Obama was raised and educated as a Muslim. His father and stepfather were Muslims. When Mr. Obama attended a Catholic school in Indonesia, he was registered as an Indonesian citizen and “a Muslim.” In public school, he was also identified as practicing Islam. Under the name “Barry Soetoro,” he was compelled to take daily Islamic religious instruction, recite prayers, study the Koran and learn Arabic. His former classmates and teachers remember him as a devout Muslim.

In an interview with the New York Times, Mr. Obama described the Muslim call to prayer as “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.”

Culturally, he is America’s first Muslim president. He refuses to admit there is a war against Islamist terrorism. His counterterrorism adviser, John Brennan, even denies that jihad is a motive for Muslim extremists.


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John Brennan: Witless for the Defense

Note: If, as I do, you gape slack-mouthed at video of John Brennan’s continuous mealy-mouthed propagandizing on behalf of Islamic terrorists, wondering HOW someone can so brazenly represent fiction in the face of well-known fact, a companion piece to this editorial of Bostrom’s written by Jeffrey Kuhner is posted just above. Like master, like slave. Still, it galls me that a man who once served in the CIA would so subsume common knowledge to blind adherence to ObaMao’s vision of Islam. You should all know by now that I believe that Islam is a violent death-loving cult, and that the world would be vastly better off without it. If I could blink and wipe every last adherent of this disgusting creed from the face of the planet, every last man woman and child of them, I would do it now and sleep the untroubled sleep of lambs immediately thereafter. Don’t confuse this with hatred; I don’t know any Muslims, therefore I can’t (and don’t) hate them. I would just like to live in a world without their particular insanity. Ann Coulter said “We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity.” I think all that conversion stuff is a waste of time. I would prefer to simply stamp them out like common tenement roaches. Bring on the DDT. Why waste time pretending?

Anyway, Brennan has recently been speechifying again about the wonderful, peace-loving Muslims to whom “Jihad” means “to purify oneself or one’s community”, failing to mention that “purifying” generally means sawing off the heads off everyone who won’t accept Islam and Sharia law. That would be me. And probably, that would be YOU.

So please enjoy Andrew Bostrom’s excellent piece debunking the starry-eyed visions of John Brennan regarding Islam.


EDITORIAL: Andrew Bostom on the latest stupidity from ObaMao’s Chief National Security Advisor; some excerpts follow. Click them for the full column.

A dry pun asks, “When is a door not a door?” – the answer being, “When it is ajar.” But dry humor is clearly preferable to the deluded warping of the lexicon by the Obama administration’s lead counterterrorism adviser, John Brennan, which leads to this question, and requisite answer, “When is jihad not jihad?” – “When it is bloodless, spiritual struggle.” Mr. Brennan vociferously advocates an exclusive, bowdlerized definition of jihad in the public discourse as “to purify oneself or one’s community,” lest the tender sensibilities of Muslims be offended.

The dangerous absurdity of Mr. Brennan’s jihad denial is self-evident: More than 15,600 jihad terror attacks have been committed by Muslims worldwide since the cataclysmic acts of jihad terrorism committed against the United States itself on Sept. 11, 2001.

One can now safely include Mr. Brennan among those whose willful misapprehension of jihad Khomeini characterized, appositely, as “witless.” This juxtaposition of views on jihad would be comical – the learned, pious Muslim theologian, Khomeini, versus the uninformed infidel cultural relativist adviser, Mr. Brennan – if the implications for U.S. security were not so ominous.


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Don’t let them kid you; we are in the majority…and our numbers are increasing.

EDITORIAL: Obama threatened by Tea Party

Are you a “Bitter Clinger” like me? If so, this editorial points up some encouraging facts.

A June 2010 Gallup poll showed that 42 percent of Americans described themselves as conservatives, up five points from 2008, against 20 percent who describe themselves as liberals, down two points from 2008. A July 2010 Gallup poll found that levels of patriotism are generally on the rise in America but are declining among liberals and Democrats. The latest poll by Democracy Corps, the outfit run by longtime Democratic advisers James Carville and Stan Greenberg, found that 55 percent of likely voters thought the word “socialist” described Mr. Obama either “well” or “very well.”

Tea PartyThere are a lot more of us than there are of them. Still uncertain is whether a minority cabal of elitist anti-Americans can control the agenda and direction of our country. The mainstream media is firmly in their hands, and they are brazen and dedicated propagandists.

Rarely if ever in American history has a government been so at odds with the views of mainstream voters. It has become clear that the current crowd in Washington will not serve as trustworthy stewards of the hopes and aspirations of the majority of Americans. This government has saddled us with debt, fueled wild expansion of government power, increased Washington’s interference in everyone’s daily lives and made the country weaker as the world becomes more dangerous. It’s no wonder the people are growing increasingly tired of change wrought by the O Force.

Good news! Rejoice!

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A little entertainment to lighten our load…

A word from the author on the use of the perfectly good English word “Reneger.”

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Oakland Police: You’re on your own.

Don't call us...If you’re in Oakland and a victim of any of the crimes that appear below on this partial list, don’t call 911. The police aren’t coming.

Chief Batts listed exactly 44 situations that his officers will no longer respond to…if you live and Oakland and one of these crimes happens to you, you need to let police know on-line.

  • Burglary
  • Theft
  • Embezzlement
  • Grand Theft
  • Grand Theft: Dog
  • Identity Theft
  • False Information to Peace Officer
  • Required to Register as Sex or Arson Offender
  • Dump Waste or Offensive Matter
  • Discard Appliance With Lock
  • Loud Music
  • Possess Forged Notes
  • Pass Fictitious Check
  • Obtain Money by False Voucher
  • Fraudulent Use of Access Cards
  • Stolen License Plate
  • Embezzlement By An Employee (over $ 400)
  • Extortion
  • Attempted Extortion
  • False Personification of Other
  • Injure Telephone/ Power Line
  • Interfere with Power Line
  • Unauthorized Cable TV Connection
  • Vandalism
  • Administer/Expose Poison to Another

The Oakland City Council voted June 25 to eliminate the positions to help close the city’s $32.5 million funding gap. According to the city of Oakland, each of the 776 police officers currently employed at OPD costs around $188,000 per year. Most of the officers who will be affected by the layoffs were on the streets of Oakland when Johannes Mehserle’s involuntary manslaughter conviction caused riots last Thursday.

Well, yeah…$188,000 per year per cop; that’s expensive protection. With cities, counties and even states failing financially in the New America, this is a harbinger of things to come for all of us. Better prepare to take responsibility for your own protection. Police protection has always been a myth anyway, and some of us have understood that all of our lives. The police can’t protect you. They can draw chalk outlines around bodies, write reports and, if everything goes well (it usually doesn’t) they may be able to apprehend the criminals at a later time. But in that moment when violence is offered, unexpectedly, maybe announced by a breaking window or creaking floorboards in the wee hours of the morning, you’ve always been on your own. No police will arrive to save you from doing your own dirty work. So prepare to do it. Arm yourselves. Become competent with your weapon(s) of choice. Game possible scenarios in advance, over and over. Face the necessity of killing a criminal actor before the need arises. Your family is counting on YOU. Don’t let them down.

If you can’t bring yourself to it, if you don’t think you can kill in defense of yourself and your loved ones, at least warn them that they can’t count on you for protection when the chips are down, and make sure your will is filed and your other affairs are in order.

The Chief of Police in Oakland has given his warning to the citizens of that sad metropolis.

It’s the least you can do for your family.

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Are you willing to stand up for Arizona?

Keep Arizona Safe - State Web for contributions.

Debbie and I have contributed to the Keep Arizona Safe Fund. It was a wonderful feeling.

Can you, WILL you help?

As of Thursday, more than $500,000 have been contributed to the fund for the defense of the people and the State of Arizona, under attack from the vile and corrupt U.S. Department of Justice which is run in typical gangster style by ObaMao’s trigger man, Eric Holder. If that name doesn’t ring a bell, he was the state apparatchik responsible for effecting the sale of a presidential a pardon to international criminal Marc Rich during the closing hours of the Clinton administration in exchange for massive (obscene) contributions made to Clinton by Rich’s wife. Rich couldn’t do it himself, being the subject of U.S. arrest warrants, and was therefore hiding under a rock somewhere in Switzerland. Holder also carried Hillary’s water, promoting and helping to arrange presidential pardons for Puerto Rican FARC terrorists so that Hill could snag the New York PR vote in her run for the U.S. Senate. (It worked, btw.)

As Sara Palin put it “We are all Arizonans now.”

Please help by standing with the people of Arizona in their fight for what’s right, for state sovereignty, for the right of the people to protect themselves from the federally sanctioned invasion of our country. Click HERE or on the “Stand Up” button on the top of the right sidebar, or on the image at the top of this post if you can spare a few dollars, and if you want to stick a thumb in ObaMao’s eye. (Plus, you will get a nice PDF letter from Governor Jan Brewer thanking you for Standing Up.)

Please do it now. Be a part of something good.

PS: Many of you already know that Debbie and I made good on our promise to visit Arizona on a June vacation. It was a wonderful trip. We spent time in Flagstaff (which I LOVE) and at both rims of the Grand Canyon, in addition to driving through many miles of the spectacular Arizona landscape. It was a doubly-satisfying twofer, since the money we spent in Arizona was originally intended for California, where we had planned to go this summer. We were able to help counteract the spiteful, brainless boycotts of Arizona by many California companies and governmental agencies and spend time in a wonderful state filled with kindred souls, people who want to preserve their culture, their safety, and their way of life from a brazen Mexican invasion, and from a federal government bent on punishing them for their determination and grit. Please visit Arizona, if you can. The Grand Canyon beats snot out of Disneyland and Seaworld. Please also take very opportunity to patronize Arizona-based businesses.

If not now, when? If not you, WHO?

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America: Optimism on hold

Financial Times:

JoblessJob growth remains too slow to support the rise in consumption required for a self-sustaining recovery.


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55 Percent of Likely Voters Find ‘Socialist’ an Accurate Label for Obama?

Obama-Socialist-AmericaNothing I can add to this. I’m an “early adopter”, I suppose.

When asked about “a socialist,” 33 percent of likely voters say it describes Obama “very well,” 22 percent say “well,” 15 percent say “not too well,” and 25 percent say “not well at all. In other words, 55 percent of likely voters think “socialist” is a reasonably accurate way of describing Obama.

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Investor’s Business Daily: Are Overdue Reports Concealing ObamaCare Impact On Medicare?

Alfred E. ObaMaoWith the disastrous ObaMao economy, the great Social Security surplus that started in the Reagan administration is gone completely.

Having promised the most “open” administration in American history, ObaMao has gone on to hide essential public information from the American people, govern by fiat and decree through unconstitutionally appointed “Czars” and recess appointments, construct secret schemes to subvert the constitution, and has been successful thus far in his implementation the Cloward-Piven communist strategy to overwhelm governmental systems, thus destroying lawful constitutional American government so that a Marxist utopia can be built upon its ruins.

President Obama keeps telling us a fairy tale that he saved us from another Great Depression. But he is actually leading us into another Depression.

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Labor Dept. Estimates $7.1 Billion in Overpayments to Unemployed

7.1 billion down toilet

7.1 billion down toilet

A billion here, a billion there; pretty soon you’re talking about real money.

Preliminary estimates released by the U.S. Department of Labor find that, in 2009, states made more than $7.1 billion in overpayments in unemployment insurance, up from $4.2 billion the year before.

…and the government says it can run health care?

Where are the jobs?

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ObaMao to the People of Arizona: Mexico now controls part of your state. Keep out.

ObaMao continues to ignore the Governor of the State of Arizona several weeks after his self-imposed two-week deadline for renewed contact has passed.

Is My Mouth Moving?

How can you tell when ObaMao is lying? His mouth moves.

Like everything else that comes out of this Marxist turd’s mouth, “I’ll get back to you” is a lie. ONE thing has happened since Governor Brewer’s meeting with His Godness: The federal government has erected signs as far as 80 miles inside the Mexico/Arizona border warning Arizonans and tourists to KEEP OUT. Apparently, ObaMao is ceding control of these vast tracts of the United States of America to smugglers, drug cartels, and your average, everyday alien invaders.


DANGER - This part of Arizona controlled by Mexico


The United States Government won't protect you here.


Warning: Travel Arizona at your own risk.

Doesn’t this turn your stomach and and make your neck red? The president of the United States saying, in effect, to Mexico “We give up. Arizona is yours. Take it. And good riddance.”

Watch Governor Brewer’s video; it’s short and to the point. She refuses to cede ANY part of Arizona to foreign control, and she’s asking for the United States Government to perform it’s most basic, elemental function: The protection of our borders from foreign invasion, and the protection of American citizens from violence at the hands of the invaders.

What does she get from ObaMao? Threats, boycotts, and a federal DOJ lawsuit. Pathetic. Infuriating. Despicable.

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AZ Cops Threatened by Drug Cartel Snipers at Border

Small town Arizona cops threatened with assassination by Mexican drug cartels. How is this not an act of war?

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Lord of the Flies Declares War!

…on Arizona.

Illegal Invasion in Progress

Here’s a president who won’t even speak to the CEO of BP before calling for his resignation, who won’t meet with that CEO to coordinate mitigation efforts, but thinks that promising criminal prosecution is the way to gain the best efforts of the people who have to clean up the mess.  Here’s a president who calls small-town police “stupid” just before admitting that he doesn’t have the facts surrounding their arrest of one of his cronies. Here’s a president who refuses to meet with the governor of one of the 5o (or 57 if you learned geography where ObaMao did) United States to discuss a devastating foreign invasion underway, who refuses to answer numerous written entreaties for assistance (or even to acknowledge receiving them.) Here’s a president who prefers instead to have his Secretary of State ambush the government and people of Arizona by announcing his declaration of war upon them first to citizens of a foreign country (Ecuador). The governor of Arizona and the people of Arizona have to hear about it on the news. The United States Federal Government vs. the Governor and the People of the State of Arizona. And the people of Ecuador are the first to know? Wow.

Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies

Are you starting to see a pattern here? Why does ObaMao so despise the people of Arizona? Why does ObaMao so despise the productive people of the United States?

What sort of man is this? How long before it’s obvious to everyone that he’s totally incompetent, not up to the job at all?

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Bend Over

Steny Hoyer - Gotta Have Mo' Money! Gotta have YO' MONEY!

Remember when ObaMao promised that no new taxes would fall on those making less than $250 grand? Remember when I said “bullshit?”

Bend over…here it comes! Steny Hoyer is paving the way for massive new taxes on the middle class, saying:

“As the House and Senate debate what to do with the expiring Bush tax cuts in the coming weeks, we need to have a serious discussion about their implications for our fiscal outlook, including whether we can afford to permanently extend them before we have a real plan for long-term deficit reduction.”

He goes on to give the standard lip service to reductions in spending before concluding:

“Raising revenue is part of the deficit solution, too.”

In case you haven’t yet figured out how to parse the sewage that flows from the mouths of these people 24/7, I’ll translate for you: “Bend over. We’re going to tax your asses off so we can continue to redistribute YOUR wealth to people of OUR choosing to make sure that they vote for us again in coming elections.” Those occasional references to “reduced spending” mean less than nothing. No serious person can believe that our government (as presently constituted) will ever reduce spending meaningfully.  For instance, in the midst of our financial meltdown, the NIH has spent $2 MILLION of your dollars on a study promoting condom use among intravenous drug users in Kazakhstan. See, to Hoyer and the rest of the imperial ObaMao bastards who have their boots firmly on our necks, $2 million is chicken feed. Besides, they see it as THEIR money not OURS.

So grab the KY and bend over. It’s started.

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General Chaos

Two Dummies Waging War

General McChrystal will reportedly appear to kiss the ring (and the ass) of ObaMao tomorrow, resignation in hand.

The resignation should be accepted. The General can’t possibly be as stupid as he now seems, but he is walking, talking proof of concept: A man can be highly educated, brilliantly capable in one or more specialty fields, and yet be a complete boob in other aspects of his life.

Here is a General Officer in the United States Army without the maturity to conduct his own daily affairs. And we want him to run a war? I don’t think so. McChrystal admittedly voted for ObaMao; what does that tell you about his intellect and judgment?

Nothing could be more just than to have McChrystal’s military career ignominiously ended by the communist President that he helped to elect.

Goodbye, Stanley. And good riddance.

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I’m just sayin’…

Ogden is a city of 83,000 people. In 2010, Forbes rated Ogden as the 6th best place in America to raise a family.


In the census of 2000, there were 77,226 people, 27,384 households, and 18,402 families residing in the city. The population density was 2,899.2 people per square mile (1,119.3/km2). There were 29,763 housing units at an average density of 1,117.4/sq mi (431.4/km2). The racial makeup of the city was 79.01% White, 2.31% African American, 1.20% Native American, 1.43% Asian, 0.17% Pacific Islander, 12.95% from other races, and 2.93% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 23.64% of the population. It will be awhile before the 2010 census figures are available, but it is estimated that Weber County now has the highest density Hispanic (read “Mexican”; very few Venezuelans or Spaniards living here) population in the state, currently estimated between 33% and 38%. How many are illegal immigrants from Mexico? I don’t know, but the number is VERY high. Downtown Ogden looks like Tijuana North. Every vacant gas station or shuttered fast-food establishment has been reopened as a taqueria, panaderia, or mercado, liberally adorned with scrawled signs in fluorescent pink, yellow, and/or green. The Ogden Standard Examiner (a newspaper I once sold for a nickel a copy on 24th & Washington…I got to keep three cents) is also published as El Estandar; this Mexican version is FREE. I pay for my English copy of the Standard, though it galls me. Once a decent homegrown hometown newspaper run by prominent residents going back to pioneer days, it’s now a seedy yellow rag owned by misfits based in Ohio. I gag through it looking for stuff like this. I’m never disappointed.

(This article is behind a paywall at El Estandar. If anyone wants a PDF, email me and I’ll send it.)

BUT…rarely given kudos go to El Estandar (aka Ogden Standard Examiner) for being willing to publish that these criminal miscreants are illegal aliens, and kudos to the Ogden Police Department and the Weber-Morgan Narcotics Strike Force for having the stones to call a spade a spade.

For more of the same reported here earlier in the week, see THIS.

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George Will – The Danger of a Government with Unlimited Power

George Will - The Danger of a Government with Unlimited PowerMadison vs. Wilson

“Wilsonian government, meaning (in Wilson’s words) government with ‘unstinted power,’ is hostile to Madison’s Constitution, which, Madison said, obliges government ‘to control itself.’ Thus our choice is between government restraint rooted in respect for nature, or government free to follow History wherever government says History marches.”

The Danger of a Government with Unlimited Power. Read the column HERE.

“Lack of ‘a limiting principle’ is the essence of progressivism, according to William Voegeli, contributing editor of the Claremont Review of Books, in his new book ‘Never Enough: America’s Limitless Welfare State.’ The Founders, he writes, believed that free government’s purpose, and the threats to it, are found in nature. The threats are desires for untrammeled power, desires which, Madison said, are ‘sown in the nature of man.’ Government’s limited purpose is to protect the exercise of natural rights that pre-exist government, rights that human reason can ascertain in unchanging principles of conduct and that are essential to the pursuit of happiness.”

Read the full column HERE.

“The cheerful assumption is that “evolving” must mean ‘improving.’ Progressivism’s promise is a program for every problem, and progressivism’s premise is that every unfulfilled desire is a problem.”

Read the full column HERE.

“Today, government finds the limitless power of dispensing not in Madison’s Constitution of limited government but in Wilson’s theory that the Constitution actually frees government from limitations.”

Read the full column HERE. (have I made the point?)

“Lacking a limiting principle, progressivism cannot say how big the welfare state should be but must always say that it should be bigger than it currently is.”

Read the full column HERE.

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A Gift from Dr. Walter E. Williams

A Gift from Dr. Walter E. Williams

A Gift from Dr. Walter E. Williams

Dr. Walter E. Williams is firmly established as my favorite modern philosopher. Dr. Williams was taught that the true test of one’s knowledge of a subject is demonstrated ability to explain it to someone who knows nothing about it. In this he excels. In this he is truly the master.

I try to read everything he writes, I hang on every word he speaks.

The Hoover Institution Press at Stanford University is offering for the paltry sum of $15 Liberty vs. the Tyranny of Socialism, a collection of essays and columns written by Dr. Williams.

If you haven’t enjoyed reading or hearing Dr. Williams, this may be the best opportunity for you to become acquainted with the man I have revered for many years for his honesty, morality, and intellect. Here are some teaser quotes to get you started:

“Corporations do not pay taxes. Only people pay taxes. If a tax is levied on a corporation, the corporation will do one of three things: Raise the price of the product, lower the dividends to stockholders, or lay off workers. A corporation is just a tax collector. It collects taxes and gives them to the government.”

How simple. How true.

“The government does not get the money it spends from the Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus. It has to get it from you.”

But what about “Obama Stash?”

“I’m trying to convince my fellow Americans on the moral superiority of personal liberty and its main ingredient: limited government as our Founders envisioned.”

WHY should he have to convince us? WHY don’t we already know this?

“What is the moral case for taking the property of one person and giving it to another?”

…still waiting for a good answer…Hello? Still waiting…

“Casual examination of the federal budget demonstrates that forcibly using one person to serve the purposes of another is now the primary function of the federal government in the forms of programs such as Social Security, Medicare, food stamps, farm and business subsidies, foreign aid, and the like. Americans, through the tax code, are forcibly used to serve the purposes of another, the recipient of government largess.”

Hmm. Thought slavery was dead in America. Thought we settled that in the LAST civil war.

“Our founders feared government. Thomas Jefferson said, ‘I consider the foundation of the Constitution as laid on this ground that all powers not delegated to the United States, by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states or to the people. To take a single step beyond the boundaries thus specially drawn around the powers of Congress, is to take possession of a boundless field of power not longer susceptible of any definition.’ “

Why aren’t our kids being taught what our founders said?

“Americans do not want their elected officials to uphold and defend the Constitution. Doing so would mean that one American could not live at the expense of another in the form of spending programs such as government Social Security, Medicare, aid to higher education, farm subsidies, food stamps, and other programs that make up close to two-thirds of a $3 trillion-plus federal budget for which there is absolutely no authority in the U.S. Constitution. What taxing and spending authority the Constitution grants Congress is mostly spelled out in Article I, Section 8 of the document.”

An unfortunate truth.

Do yourself and your kids a favor; purchase the collection and use it to help wash away the stinking fog of  propaganda and outright lies spewed out 24/7 by your fearless leaders. At the very least, browse the PDFs offered on the same page.

Dr. Williams’ current columns can be read HERE on Townhall.com.

His home page at George Mason University can be viewed HERE.

Both sites are also linked in the blogroll in the lower quadrant of the right margin of this page.

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Please meet Darren James Labonte

Darren James LaBonte

Darren James LaBonte

“We live in a culture of celebrity where what is not recognized doesn’t exist. Spies come out of a culture where what is recognized ceases to exist. The light is lethal.”

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Doing jobs Americans won’t do? This is where I live.

Ogden ElevenOf the eleven arrestees shown  in this photo from Friday’s Ogden Standard Examiner (June 4, 2010) ten are Mexicans. When I say “Mexicans”, that’s what I mean; they are Mexican Citizens, all in this country illegally. We call them “Illegal Aliens” or “Invaders” which infuriates the commies, progressives (same thing) and liberals (same thing.) They get so MAD when we call things by their true names instead of some euphemistic piece of PC tongue trash they’ve invented to “humanize” (propagandize) the unpleasant truth. When they say they want “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” for instance we all know that means “Amnesty”, nothing more, nothing less, and it really pisses them off that we won’t swallow whatever they hand us like some pet goat. And when I say “MAD” I mean “Crazy.” Of course it makes them angry too, but it truly drives them to lunacy whenever they aren’t successfully controlling the language, and therefore the terms of an argument. WE know what it means. THEY know WE know what it means. But they think we’re rude for not playing along, so they call us racists. I can’t link to the full article because it is behind a paywall at the Ogden Standard Examiner. If anyone wants a PDF of the full article, email me and I’ll send it. The Salt Lake Tribune also reported on this, but they are VERY progressive down there in the big city, and neglected to mention several of the most salient facts because they don’t conveniently fit their silly multi-culti view of our world.  So here are a few excerpts:

$600,000 in drugs seized – A series of major drug busts directed by the Weber Morgan Narcotics Strike Force took nearly $600,000 worth of narcotics off the street in the Ogden and Salt Lake areas last week.

In five incidents beginning May 27 and ending May 28, the strike force and assisting agencies arrested 11 individuals and seized marijuana, methamphetamine and heroin, plus a truckload of rifles and ammunition driven by a convicted felon.

Lt. Darin Parke, strike force commander, said the two-day crime takedown would not have been as successful without the cooperation of local police and agencies such as the West Valley Narcotics Unit and the Drug Enforcement Agency Metro Task Force.

Parke noted the majority of the strike force arrests over the two days were on drug-related charges against illegal immigrants from Mexico. Several also will face charges related to fraudulent identification papers.

In the 11 months prior to the end of April, 80 percent of the drugs seized by the strike force were taken from illegal immigrants, he said. “It’s easy to say ‘you’re being racist’ or ‘you’re targeting those folks,’ but they actually only comprised 8 percent of our arrests,” Parke said.

“For that small percentage to be in charge or in control of that percentage of our drugs says something toward securing the border, at least from a drug perspective. I wish I didn’t have 80 percent of the problem I do, and that would be one way to try and solve it.”

See, even the Police lieutenant commanding the narcotics strike force feels compelled to defend himself IN ADVANCE against charges of racism he knows from experience will follow. Did you see what he said? EIGHTY PERCENT of drugs seized by the task force over the past eleven months were taken from ILLEGAL ALIENS.

Q: What would the sock-puppet Mexican President Felipe de Jesús Calderón Hinojosa have to say about this?
A: Anything ObaMao tells him to say. (Must be uncomfortable for him, having ObaMao’s hand up his ass all the time.)

The story goes on:

Mexican drug cartels have taken over the vast majority of the trade, Parke said, and the drugs coming into Ogden are being distributed from Mexico through the Salt Lake area.

“A lot of our drugs are coming straight up from Mexico into Salt Lake and being dispersed into the Ogden area,” Parke said.

But wait…the sock-puppet Mexican President Felipe de Jesús Calderón Hinojosa scolded the United States recently on National TV for failing to control the movement of guns across the border from the U.S. into Mexico, claiming that those guns were responsible for all the violence, not the Mexican drugs and the Mexican gangs that control them. That’s funny; the border states of Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas are FULL of guns. They bristle from racks in pickup windows, and fill the houses and hands of most American citizens in those states. Why, even in California Americans are permitted to have SOME guns after jumping through a series of government hoops, and as long as the guns they want don’t look too mean. So where’s all that mayhem on OUR side of the border that these guns supposedly cause? Probably coming. And probably sooner than later. Bad Mexicans are going to bring it. Illegal immigrant Mexicans. Is that racist? I don’t think so, but I don’t care either; it’s the truth.

Oh, yeah. A final note. The lone American pictured in the rogue’s gallery at the top of the page got popped (probably accidentally) driving a truck full of guns. As a convicted felon, he’s not allowed to have the seven rifles, foot locker full of ammunition, and welding equipment (all stolen by the way) while committing traffic violations in view of the task force guys. I guess you could say they were “profiling” the white guy. You know, “Hey what’s with the chrome dome running that stop sign with bullets falling out the back of his truck? He looks like a jailbird; let’s stop him and find out.” Isn’t that racist? No? Oh well…whatever works.


Good work, guys!

Anyway, kudos to the Weber-Morgan Narcotics Task Force for their good works, and lets hope Rep. Stephen Sandstrom, R-Orem is successful this year enacting an Arizona 1070-like statute to help them continue taking these narco criminals off the streets. Because they’re going to keep coming, these criminal Mexicans. Even more of them, now that Arizona is turning up the heat. How do I know? They SAID so.

Mexican day laborer Jesus Aguilar, 52, say(s) the measure leaves them few options but to leave Arizona and try their luck elsewhere.

“Since the law says that people hiring undocumented day laborers will get fined, no-one wants to hire us,” said Aguilar, who early on Monday was among some two dozen migrants touting for landscaping and building work at a day labor site in north Phoenix. “We are thinking of going to Utah or New Mexico … Here it is just too racist,” he added.


Please hurry, Representative Sandstrom.

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Finally…a President Helen Thomas can Appreciate!

Helen "Call me Adolph" Thomas

Helen "Call me Adolph" Thomas

Sometimes, I’m just speechless.

Helen Thomas, finally in the White House Press Room with a president that hates Jews just like her, is free to tell you how she REALLY feels.

Caution: Helen’s video might be offensive if you’re a Jew (or a human being of any other kind.)

Everyone and everything will outlive its usefulness. Most people sense or know when that has happened, when the synapses are no longer closing properly. They usually retire into graceful anonymity, understanding that the world has passed them by, and that no one is left who cares what they have to say or what they think. When you believe that I’ve arrived at that point, PLEASE tell me.


Fire up the ovens...

Helen Thomas is a grotesque anomaly, having gone straight into advanced stage senility without having the opportunity to understand that she has become farcical, kept in her seat for the amusement of her cynical and despicable stablemates, and as Costello to the White House’s current Abbott.

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Nose in the air, nose in the air, lookin’ like a fool wit’cher nose in the air.

You wouldn't understand

“Why is Obama’s nose always in the air? His incredible arrogance? Or does something stink?”

The quote is from a random Yahoo post, ironically categorized as a “solved question.” 🙂

It IS solved of course, that question. Something definitely stinks, and he has demonstrated his incredible arrogance almost every single day of his public life.

But really, how can a United States President ignore completely, even refuse to speak to or acknowledge a sitting governor of one of our fifty united states? (Get that, ObaMao, FIFTY states…not FIFTY-SEVEN.) Only now, after more than a year of effort, has Governor Jan Brewer of the State of Arizona received ANY attention from our great-and-glorious leader. And that happened only because millions of Americans were wondering the same thing; HOW?

In the interests of good government, and especially from a president who promised to conduct the most representative and open administration in history, isn’t he obligated, even legally required to respond to their entreaties? Presidents MUST be willing to have discourse with the governors of our states or be guilty of malfeasance. Period.

And when public pressure and an army of political consultants and pollsters forced ObaMao to meet with Governor Brewer, what did she get? “Thanks for coming. My people will get with your people. And by the way, your law stinks, and we’re going to obstruct you in every way that we can, including using the unlimited power of the U.S. Justice Department and our wholly-owned federal courts to hammer your smart ass into the ground until we make you wish you’d never been born. Anything else on your mind before we show you out?”

Thanks, Governor Brewer, for providing another lesson on ObaMao’s agenda, his determination to implement as much as he can before he’s out of office, and for demonstrating what REAL government is all about.

Oh, and President ObaMao, try to remember the LAST guy who envisioned himself at the helm of history, and who always had HIS nose in the air. Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini thought he would lead Italy and the Axis powers into a “New World Order”. Between 1925 and 1927, Mussolini progressively dismantled virtually all constitutional and conventional restraints on his power, thereby building a police state. Beginning to sound familiar?

To suppress resistance in Sicily, Mussolini appointed Cesare Mori as a Prefect of the City of Palermo, writing to him in a telegram “Your Excellency has carte blanche, the authority of the State must absolutely, I repeat absolutely, be re-established in Sicily. If the laws still in force hinder you, this will be no problem, as we will draw up new laws.” Mussolini launched several public construction programs and government initiatives throughout Italy to combat economic setbacks or unemployment levels. His earliest, and one of the best known, was Italy’s equivalent of the Green Revolution, known as the “Battle for Grain”, in which 5,000 new farms were established and five new agricultural towns on land reclaimed by draining the Pontine Marshes. In Sardinia, a model agricultural town was founded and named Mussolinia, but has long since been renamed Arborea. This town was the first of what Mussolini hoped would have been thousands of new agricultural settlements across the country. This plan diverted valuable resources to grain production, away from other less economically viable crops. The huge tariffs associated with the project promoted widespread inefficiencies, and the government subsidies given to farmers pushed the country further into debt. Again, does this sound familiar?

Mussolini’s foremost priority was the subjugation of the minds of the Italian people and the effective use of propaganda to accomplish this control. Press, radio, education, films—all were carefully supervised to create the illusion that fascism was the doctrine of the twentieth century, replacing liberalism and democracy. Familiar? If not READ THIS. And THIS. And watch THIS. And THIS.

The law codes of the parliamentary system were rewritten under Mussolini. All teachers in schools and universities had to swear an oath to defend the fascist regime. Newspaper editors were all personally chosen by Mussolini and no one who did not possess a certificate of approval from the fascist party could practice journalism. These certificates were issued in secret; Mussolini thus skillfully created the illusion of a “free press”. The trade unions were also deprived of any independence and were integrated into what was called the “corporative” system. The aim (never completely achieved), inspired by medieval guilds, was to place all Italians in various professional organizations or “corporations”, all of which were under clandestine governmental control. Familiar? If not, read THIS. And THIS.


OTHER guy with nose in the air...

Oh, by the way; this OTHER “fool wit’ his nose in the air” was eventually executed in the small village of Giulino deMezzegra (along with his mistress and fifteen or so close advisers.) His body along with the bodies of the others executed with him was trucked in a moving van to Milan, where they were all dumped on the ground. After being shot again, kicked, and spat upon, they were hung upside down on meathooks from the roof of a gas station. The bodies were then stoned by the crowd of civilians in attendance. The corpse of the deposed and executed leader became subject to insult, ridicule, and abuse. After his death and subsequent post-mortem humiliation, his body was buried in an unmarked grave. So much for this OTHER messiah’s legacy.

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Welcome, Christopher.

Yes, Christopher has consented to contribute occasionally to these bits and bytes, to break the humdrumness (I made that up. I saw the squiggly red line beneath it, but defiantly ignored it) and monochromatic drumbeat of my own efforts. Please see his first essay “Hate Crimes – The opposite of Love Crimes” below.

Anyone else interested in contributing? There are no deadlines. No commies needed, though. Plenty of places out there for them to scribble, but not here.

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Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road…




...and Atlantis

California and Atlantis: What do they have in common? Both are mythic and magical. One may never have existed, but is reputed to have sunk beneath the waves, extinguishing its glory forever. The other is definitely a real place. I’ve seen the sites, smelled the smells; even lived there. But both are lost. If Atlantis disappeared beneath the waves, California is fast sinking into an ugly morass of financial and social squalor. Who wouldn’t miss Disneyland, or prime rib at Lawry’s? I do. Who could stand in mid span on the Golden Gate and not feel a rush? Not me. Done it many times. But my memories are happy ones, and I’m not going to trash them by going back to the the once-great Golden State to gloat over its rotting corpse. California is the social and political manifestation of the undead; a staggering golem from which the soul has gone, but one which refuses to lie down and accept death.

Amidst the financial and social ruin, the communists, the progressives (same thing), the liberals (ditto) are still busy, like fleshflies, and the various kinds of beetles that feed on death. Gorging on the corrupted flesh and working diligently to advance  decomposition of the remains, these goblins hasten The End.

As the business environment fails, as the entertainment industry goes on life support, as public employees are paid with IOUs and default looms, California politicians relentlessly advance the agenda of these leftist death angels, squandering vast sums on projects like the Malibu Fish Ladder.

Fish for brains

Fish for Brains

Standing before the cameras in goofy floppy hats and frumpy house dresses (WHY are they so ugly; Why are conservative women, taken as a whole, so much more attractive?) they lecture on restoring fish absent for more than a generation to their historical spawning grounds, and make flimsy excuses for why these projects shouldn’t be foregone until times of plenty return instead of squandering scarce resources on them in a time of looming bankruptcy.

Ron Gochez - Third from left - California Commie Teacher

Ron Gochez - Third from left - California Commie Teacher

In a time when California citizens can’t prevent their children being brainwashed by racist teachers who openly advocate violent revolution and the return of the Southwest to Mexico, in a time when there are (estimated by FAIR) nearly FOUR MILLION illegal immigrants sucking up scarce-to-non-existent California state resources, when nearly EIGHT BILLION DOLLARS are being spent in California to educate illegal immigrants, when ONE AND A HALF BILLION DOLLARS are being spent to provide health care to them, when ONE AND A HALF BILLION DOLLARS per year are being spent to incarcerate Mexico’s criminals in California, guess what California politicians decide to do with their time and money? Boycott Arizona.

Yes, from Berkeley to San Francisco, from Los Angeles City and County to Richmond and San Pablo, California politicians are voting official boycotts of Arizona despite overwhelming public support for the measures that the people of Arizona have taken to try to save themselves.


Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road

I could go on (and ON.) But you get the picture. It really is too late for California. They have few if any politicians brave enough to deliver the bad news to their constituents, brave enough to resist the tide of progressive craziness. They have no Jan Brewer. And their OWN governor was only heroic in the movies. W-h-a-t? The Terminator needs heart surgery? He’s not bullet proof? That’s right. And he can’t save California either.

So Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road. We’ll miss what you were, California, in the fifties and sixties. But we’ll not shed a tear for what you’ve become near the end. And the end is probably near.

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UK Cabbie Rampage – Shoots Many, Kills 12

Birdy. "He was a nice fellow."

English cabbie Derrick Bird, despite living in the UK under strict and rigorously enforced gun control laws, where you can go to prison for a very long time for injuring a burglar in your own home, has managed to shoot many of his fellow citizens, murdering at least 12 of them. There were no histrionics, and there were no discussions. “Birdy” just drove up and shot them immediately, usually in their faces. Straightaway. England has lots of cops who were summoned early and often. And yet 12 lives were taken and all the police could do was follow Mr. Bird’s trail of corpses, string blue and white crime tape, and cover the bodies. They were unable to catch up to “Birdy” before he ran out of targets (or ammo) and shot himself.

The police were unable to save any lives during this rampage. That happens quite a lot. We need police, but what are the chances of having police with you when “Birdy” or someone like him shows up? Slim…and none.

Which would give you the best chance of survival with “Birdy” dogging you; a cell phone, or a Glock 30? A reasonable argument against violence, or a Mossberg 500? In the UK, you don’t get a choice.

Story from The Sun — Story from The Guardian — Story from The Times

Lots of Cops - Pretty Blue and White Tape - Lots of Dead People

Lots of Cops - Pretty Blue and White Tape - Lots of Dead People

I can confidently say that every home within view of mine contains at least one firearm, and some probably contain several. I have guns myself.

I feel safe; my neighbors don’t scare me. They feel safe; they know I’m not going to shoot them.

If my neighbors need my help, I’ll take a gun and go help them. If I’m in trouble, one or more of my neighbors will (hopefully) get a gun and come to my aid.

Guns are legal here. Almost everyone has them. And yet no one in my neighborhood (or my town) has been murdered by a shooter today, and crime rates are in decline.

In Derrick Bird’s UK, crime, including violent crime, is escalating wildly out of control, and  despite draconian gun control laws.

Hmm. How weird is that?

Some things sound deceptively simple. But MOST things are exactly as simple as they sound.

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Hate Crimes – The opposite of Love Crimes

February 12, 2008: Brandon McInerny (14) heads to EO Green Middle school in Oxnard California carrying a .22 pistol in his backpack. After about fifteen minutes of staring down the kid in front of him in his first period computer lab, Brandon raises his gun and puts two in the back of the head of Lawrence (Larry) Fobes King (15). Brandon is picked up by police 7 minutes later walking about 7 blocks away from the school. Larry is taken to the hospital and pronounced brain dead, but kept alive for two days to harvest organs. He died on Valentine’s Day. So there it is, another sad school shooting complete with crying kids and video cameras. Unlike many shootings McInerny did not turn the gun on himself, instead he threw it on the ground and walked out of the school. He didn’t want to kill a bunch of kids, he just wanted to kill Larry. Now his fate belongs in the hands of the Juvenile Court.

But wait! This case is different!


Larry was a gender confused gay teen. He “came out” of the closet at age 10, and at EO Green sometimes wore dresses, high heels, and makeup.

This changed everything. Ventura County District Attorney made the decision to add 2 enhancements to the charges. One is an enhancement for the use of a gun in the crime, and the second is a hate crime enhancement since the victim was gay. Next, he dropped the big bomb: Brandon would be charged as an adult due to the “nature of the crime”.

How do they know that Brandon killed Larry because he was gay? He didn’t scream “DIE FAG!” when he pulled the trigger, and he has made no admissions or statements to authorities since he was arrested. There are some supporting facts surrounding the case that might lead one to assume he killed him for his sexuality, but is an assumption what counts? Assume for a moment that Brandon did hate gays and believed they all needed to be put to death… Why did he pick this gay kid?

The idea that Brandon killed Larry King simply for being gay is a convenient California (and now national) headline but it is unsubstantiated garbage. Brandon was not a loose cannon “looking for someone to hate”. He did have a motive though…

Larry believed that the best way to handle being different was to flaunt it. He proudly wore skirts and makeup,and carried handbags to school. A few days before the shooting Larry asked Brandon if he would be his Valentine. According to Ellen DeGeneres and Anderson Cooper this was the innocent advance of a gay teen with a crush. The only problem with that is that Larry knew it was an unwanted advance. He knew Brandon was not gay, in fact he was taunting Brandon because he knew Brandon hated it. He approached Brandon in front of a group of his friends and told him he loved him.

What exactly is the definition of sexual harassment, if this isn’t? What is the definition of bullying for that matter? Take yourself back to your 8th grade year just past puberty when young boys and girls are at their most insecure  point in their lives, especially when it comes to sexuality. What could be a more devastating and humiliating point of vulnerability than an attack on sexual identity? There is no evidence of any bullying from Brandon towards Larry that was not in defense of unwanted sexual innuendo.

It is not reasonable to demand of an 8th grader the type of sexual security that could put him above this issue. You might expect an adult to be confident enough in who they are to simply ignore this barrage of insult and degradation but Brandon was 14 years old.

Brandon’s friends laid into him. “You’re going to have babies with Larry!” Brandon was already living in a chaotic world with a drug addicted mother who did not take care of him, and a father who drank and beat up the mother every chance he got. He sought order in his life and the one place that could have been a safe haven, school, became a terrifying experience for him at the hands of a bully in a skirt.

The school perpetuated the bullying. They were well informed of the distraction Larry was creating not only with Brandon, but in all of his classes. The school even had a uniform, a dress code common in public school these days. Why did the school allow Larry to wear skirts and makeup, when the uniform for boys was long pants and a golf shirt?

Openly lesbian assistant principal Joy Epstein and principal Sue Parsons shook in their bureaucratic boots at the thought of confronting the issue. They cited California hate crime laws when determining that enforcing the dress code in Larry’s case would have been discrimination based on sexual preference. Sue Parsons issued a memo to all teachers after being fully aware of Larry’s obnoxious behavior, and of tension between Brandon and Larry:

We have a student on campus who has chosen to express his sexuality by wearing make-up. It is his right to do so. Some kids are finding it amusing, others are bothered by it. As long as it does not cause classroom disruptions he is within his rights. We are asking that you talk to your students about being civil and non-judgmental. They don’t have to like it but they need to give him his space. We are also asking you to watch for possible problems. If you wish to talk further about it please see me or Joy Epstein

So it stood. A gay antagonist free to express himself at the expense of anyone in his way, which in this case happened to be the troubled Brandon McInerny, writing a book report on Adolph Hitler and talking about joining a skinhead gang. I wonder where all the anger came from?

I am not a proponent of violence in any case. I have a liberal side which shudders at the thought of anyone killing anyone when their life is not in danger. I also have a liberal side which believes that gays should be protected from discrimination. I believe gays are born gay, and they can live healthy productive lives. I despise the insistence that I “accept” any lifestyle, because I am a member of society with absolutely no choice but to accept all lifestyles. I am old enough to be past any identity crises I may have been exposed to and I am not in the least threatened by gays in my workplace or community.

I am repulsed though, by the perpetuation of discrimination by gays who insist on being persecuted when if they went about their existence the same way many of us do, both gay and straight, they would find people hate them to a much lesser degree than they imagined. Heterosexuals do not have a monopoly on sexual harassment, abuse, or bullying.



Brandon screwed up, and should face the consequences to the full extent of the law. That might even include being tried as an adult. The basis for that decision being the sexual identity of the victim is a frightening and crooked turn in the laws of our society.

If there is any case where a murderer at age 14 is treated as a juvenile and given the opportunity to rehabilitate, then this case should be treated the same. If the decision is that all 14 year-olds who murder are tried as adults, then so be it. Brandon should be locked up tight. If Brandon would have been treated differently for murdering a straight kid, then hate crimes do no more than elevate the value of the minority in society under the false pretense of equality for all.

Turn the tables for a minute though, and take sexual orientation out of it… (Isn’t that the true aim of civil rights and anti-discrimination?) Brandon was a troubled kid with plenty of family and home issues, being harassed, bullied, and humiliated by another kid with plenty of family and home issues. He murdered a 15 year old boy in cold blood. How would a juvenile court rule when there is not a nationwide headline and a gay civil rights coalition demanding blood?

I have my own reasons for belief in the ability of juvenile rehabilitation organizations to be successful. This is definitely debatable. What is not debatable is the value of a human life. This was a murder by a troubled 14 year-old. Nothing more, nothing less. There is no straight sad, and gay sad, just sad.

If this kid gets life, then they all need life. All crimes are hate crimes.

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Benjamin Rush on George Washington:

America's Most Indispensable Man

America's Most Indispensable Man

“General Washington…seems to be one of those illustrious heroes whom Providence raises up once in three or four hundred years to save a nation from ruin…”

Who will save us now? I don’t think we can wait another hundred years. Do you?

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Why do they lie when the truth would serve them better?


Liar Brennan

It was fascinating to watch John Brennan lie through his teeth with a straight face as he explained to Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday how well the “system” worked to thwart Faisal Shazad’s attempt to set people and things on fire in Times Square recently. It wasn’t a pithy lie, but one adorned with accolades for all of the agencies involved, embellished with commendations for the street vendors who saw something and said something when Faisal’s bombmobile began to hiss and smoke. When pressed by Chris Wallace to admit that “the system” had nothing to do with thwarting disaster, but that it was simple comedic incompetence on the part of Faisal that prevented mayhem and possible carnage, Brennan began to extemporize without finesse or skill, huffing and puffing, hemming and hawing, and generally looking and acting like a small child caught in an obvious and transparent lie. He did everything but look at the ground and shuffle his feet. And guess what? It was a lie. All of it, stem to stern.


Liar Napolitano

Janet Napolitano was slightly more effective telling the same lies, but only because her delivery seemed drug-induced (Prozac, maybe?) and probably put most listeners to sleep before they could grasp the absurdity of pumped-up government corruptocrats taking credit for the clownish failure of the dumbest terrorist in New York City. Besides, she had the advantage of getting in front of the microphones and cameras earlier, before the details of Faisal’s hilarious escapade were fully known or understood.

Still, one has to ask: Why do they lie when the truth would serve them better? When the truth is self evident, obvious to everyone? It’s like they can’t help themselves. A compulsion?


Boob Shazad

The simple fact is that Faisal Shazad was no better at terrorism than he had been at life in general prior to his inspired goofiness in Times Square. Out of work, home in foreclosure, marriage in failure…is it any wonder that this boob would think that a handful of firecrackers less powerful than the ladyfingers we used to throw at one another as kids could be used to ignite an odd assortment of incendiary and potentially explosive items placed nearby? The rest of Faisal’s logistics and planning were even more pathetic and juvenile. He had pre-placed an escape vehicle nearby, but when he went to it, he realized that the keys for it were on the same ring as the ones for his smokemobile, and that ring was still in the ignition of the now hissing and popping SUV blocks away. So he had to take a TRAIN home, and prevail upon his landlord to let him into his own apartment because his keys were “lost” on the same ring as those that would have enabled him to use his getaway car. Oh, boy. And true to form, Faisal expected his incriminating terror wagon to be vaporized in the explosion, and was too lazy to (1) steal a car that couldn’t be traced directly back to him and (2) too lazy to remove all VIN numbers and other identifying artifacts from it. So it was fairly easy for lawmen to trace the vehicle directly to him, and to begin their hot pursuit. Clearly, Faisal Shazad is no Jason Bourne. And yet this rodeo clown was able to actually get through airport security and board a flight bound for Dubai, before finally being captured by the skin of his teeth when the plane was ordered to return to the gate while taxiing for takeoff.

Nietzche observed that “Everything the State says is a lie, and everything it has is stolen.” And that was a long, long, time ago. So apparently, the questionable quality and character of public servants is nothing new. Still, I wonder if it ever even occurs to our leaders that there is a distinction between the truth and the lie, or that we are entitled to have the former whenever national security would not be clearly threatened by it.

We all know that the government must conduct certain operations in secret. But once the truth is known, what can be gained by lying? This behavior simply validates Nietzsche’s axiom, and reinforces our distrust of those whom we have elected to govern us and those whom we have employed to serve the nation’s interests. It demeans us; the implication being that we are not sophisticated enough or important enough to deserve the truth, nor smart enough to make our own judgments based upon it. It leaves a sour taste in my mouth. And it pisses me off. I want nothing more than to see such chronic and psychopathic liars swept from public service.

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Victor Davis Hanson Dissects ObaMao

This is a longish video, but extremely worthwhile for those seeking to fully understand ObaMao. Hanson is a very scholarly and understated person. His insights on ObaMao are right on…and some of what he concludes may surprise you.

One of his admonitions seems to be: Hold on to your seats; the world is catching it’s breath but chaotic times are ahead.

…he’s a post-modern President. That’s a fancy word for saying a culture that arose after the modern period, the so-called the post- modern period. And within it is a belief system that incorporates things like utopian pacifism. He seems to believe that as a child of the Enlightenment that if very brilliant, smart, educated, technocratic people get together, they can adjudicate differences rationally and without rancor, and that we can leave our Neanderthal past of emotions behind—especially to the degree that we are led and enthused by people like himself that were properly educated, properly cool, properly charismatic with the less fortunate who sometimes cause trouble and are misunderstood.

Who hasn’t watched ObaMao sarcastically diminishing improperly indoctrinated critics, ridiculing them for their lack of “cool”, putting them down for their inability to recognize his greatness?

Yet a third element in his foreign policy is omnipotent debt. If you are going to borrow in the first 14 months three trillion dollars, and increase the aggregate US debt burden from 11 to 14 trillion dollars, and if you submit a long-term budget process that’s going to get us to 20 trillion in eight years, then you’re going to have less options abroad, in reference to defense, a sort of the weakening the sinews of war as Cicero talked about in the relationship of Roman preparedness to finance.

We simply are not going to have the capital to fund present defense and aid outlays, and people are already anticipating that overseas. Obama is going to have to make cuts and we know where he won’t make cuts and where he will—another air squadron, yes to cuts; another health care addendum, no. China pays attention more than we do to that reality.

…and we all know how well that turned out for Rome.

And so we’re in a waiting game, for we have sowed a very dangerous crop, and now we’re waiting for a bitter harvest, in a fashion like the year 1979. I fear it is going to just take one gambler to call Mr. Obama’s bluff and in essence, call our hand, and say what you’re going to do about it? And that choice will determine whether that’s the end of such a dangerous gambit or an invitation to many, many more.

You can read a transcript here if you prefer reading to video.

The transcript includes audience questions and Hanson’s responses. (The first Q&A is an ass-kicker.)

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The Communist Experience in America

American Communism

Communists in America

The more I studied communism and the CPUSA (communist Party – USA), the more conservative I became. It was fully as responsible as fascism for the most blood-soaked century in human history. Individual communists were often motivated by the highest ideals and yet they helped to create and perpetuate many of the worst horrors in human history.

Read Jamie Glazov’s interview with Harvey Klehr, Andrew Mellon Professor of Politics and History at Emory University. Admitting that he was heavily influenced by Marxism in graduate school in the ’60s, he relates how his long and detailed study of Communism turned him into a conservative.

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It’s Not About Complexion; It’s About Ideas.

Contrast the eloquence, the heart-warming love of country, the sincerity, of Gabriella Saucedo in this video clip from a Tuscon City Council meeting on the subject of having the city sue the State of Arizona over SB1070 with the despicable La Raza rant by the LA teacher in the post following this one. Why, if we’re such “weak, racist white people” as the pony-tailed Hugo Chavez wannabe teacher calls us in the video below this one, why then do we LOVE immigrants like Gabriella Saucedo, someone we can be very proud of, someone who came to America lawfully, made the effort to learn language and culture, waited through the long years for citizenship, someone who is a credit to America and a source of pride to all American citizens? Why?

The answer is very simple, and I’ve said it many times. The squealing piggies of the left have been very successful in co-opting command and control of the language, just as communists and fascists have done throughout history to promote their ideologies. Thus, an unpopular policy like conferring IMMIGRATION AMNESTY on millions of illegal alien invaders is converted to a softer, kinder, gentler phrase, and like magic, IMMIGRATION AMNESTY becomes IMMIGRATION REFORM. Who can be against REFORM? And if you oppose REFORM, aren’t you just a RACIST? 1984. Love is Hate. War is Peace. See how that works?

You can’t let them do this to you. You can’t let the RACIST label sting you, or back away from your belief system because some vile scheming commie (like the teacher in the video that follows this post) has figured out that he can actually make you a racist just by calling you one. Language is a great and powerful tool, and fortunately, by misuse and overuse, our enemies are helping us take the punch out of the word RACIST. More solid, thinking, patriotic Americans who know that they are NOT racists are willing to criticize Barack Obama because he’s a communist; when they do this, they are called racist by Obama’s politburo and apparatchiks, and are often viewed as such by the compliant and sycophantic media. More Americans are willing to speak up about the disgraceful and treasonous abandonment by the Federal Government of its responsibility to protect our borders, even though it means being classified by the loony left as racist.

I believe that we are entering a perilous time in our history as a nation, one in which our social and political differences have become irreconcilable in every sense of the word. I no longer mind being called racist by my enemies because they HAVE BECOME my enemies, and I expect the worst from them. Their aspersions mean nothing, less than nothing. I will no longer argue with them because there is nothing new to offer on the matter from either side. The lines have been drawn, bright and sharp, and the gray areas have gone. We are no longer one nation, though it takes time (as well as blood, sweat, and tears) before maps change to reflect the new reality. We are TWO nations living within defined but meaningless borders, and people of all races are to be found on both sides. The evidence is everywhere, and Gabriella Saucedo is proof of it. We are not a nation of colors, with divisions separating us by the darkness of lightness of our complexions, but a nation of ideas, with radical communists on one extreme and radical libertarians on the other. The rest of us fall between until we come to the bright line in the middle. Where you are in the spectrum is no longer as important as which side of the line you’re on. America hangs in the balance. Will we become another dull, gray, socialist country, indistinguishable from the European amalgam, or will we hearken back to the American exceptionalism philosophies of our founders? A hundred years from now, will we share a map as we do now, or will we live in states of different shapes, Ayn Randians and their cohorts in one, and Barack Obamians in the other? But, I digress. For now, if you want to call me a racist because I hate Barack Obama, La Raza, and Chuck Schumer, it’s OK with me. But then you’ll have to explain why I love Thomas Sowell, Grabriella Saucedo, and David Horowitz. See, it’s not about skin shade. It’s about ideas.

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L.A. Teacher Calls for Mexican Revolt in the U.S.

Not much I can add. California vacation, anyone? Compassion for La Raza, anyone? Apparently, this commie turd is a TEACHER in LA. One of the posters on the YouTube site identifies him by name, his school, and provides a phone number. For what it’s worth. What more proof do you need that these Mexicans have NO desire or intention to assimilate into our culture. These are the faces of reconquista. They hate you, whitey, they hate your culture, your heritage, your system of government…everything about you. To them, you are indeed the “frail [or shrill?], racist, white people” that he describes in the video. Remember that next time one of them comes to you for a job. Think of that next time you hear some corruptocrat in government propose “Immigration Reform” which you and I know means ONE thing: AMNESTY.

Think about this pond scum living next door to you.

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Arizona Governor Has Serious Video Message for President Obama

Hey, ObaMao…no one in Arizona (or Utah, California, New Mexico, Texas, or Colorado) is laughing. You know what? You’re just not a funny guy. Here’s an idea: Do your job. Secure the border. Enforce the law.

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Activists launch boycott of Arizona over immigration law

Si, se puede!

Si, se puede!

Civil rights and labor groups on Thursday urged Americans not to travel to Arizona, as they launched a national boycott in response to the state’s divisive new anti-illegal immigration law.

The boycott was called by the National Council of La Raza, the largest US-based Hispanic civil rights group, which also urged President Barack Obama to redouble his efforts to see that immigration reform becomes law.

“We are calling for a boycott because this law will blow open the door to increased racial profiling, wrongful arrests, and other discrimination,” said Janet Murguia, the president of the group, who criticized the Arizona law as “not American.”

“There is a right way and a wrong way” to achieve an overhaul of US immigration policy, she added.

“The right way is for Congress to fulfill its constitutional responsibility to properly regulate immigration,” she said, urging Americans not to travel to the southwestern US state.

If it gains support, the boycott could put a major crimp in Arizona’s coffers.

Time for backlash, folks. In Arizona, 70% favor the new law.

Nationally, 60% of Americans believe that local police should be able to stop and verify immigration status.

Here in Utah, 65% favor a law just like Arizona’s.

Why should we allow a noisy, obnoxious  coalition of anti-American misfits and foreign-born agitators deter us from doing the right thing? Why should we care what Al Sharpton, the NAACP, La Raza, and the cartoon characters who run the city of San Francisco think or want on this issue? (For that matter, why does Al Sharpton even have a national forum for airing his racist…but I digress.) Let’s put our money (such as it is) where our hearts are: We need to support the people and government of Arizona and Arizona businesses in every way that we can. Let’s boycott the boycotters. Avoid vacationing in or traveling to California, especially San Francisco. Buy American beer in brown bottles. Lose weight by staying out of Mexican restaurants. Spurn everything Mexican. Make sure that workers you hire have legitimate legal authority to live and work in the U.S. Refuse to patronize businesses that openly and blatantly employ parasitic illegal invaders. Tell everyone you know what a crooked buffoon Al Sharpton really is. This caricature makes his living (and a damn fine living it is, too) race-baiting and dividing. Don’t be afraid of the RACIST label. It means nothing. It has been co-opted by the progressives, specialists in misusing language to slander their opponents. The term has been gutted. It means nothing, and only serves to identify its users as leftist ideologues bereft of legitimate arguments.

Don’t attend any NBA games featuring “Los Suns.”

Write to Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to thank her for doing the right things, and to tell her you’re with her. Here’s my message, being sent today:

Dear Governor Brewer; I want to thank you for your bravery and stalwart dedication to the taxpaying citizens of Arizona and for doing a great service for all American citizens by signing into law SB1070. Hopefully, our own Rep. Stephen Sandstrom, R-Orem will gain support from your actions for similar legislation in Utah. Further, I want you to know that we intend to support Arizona, its people, and its businesses in every way that we can in the face of boycott efforts being organized against you. We have cancelled plans for a California vacation this summer, and will instead spend a week in Arizona. We are investigating what Arizona businesses produce in products and services that we can buy and use here at home. Though we are not obnoxious, race-baiting ideologues like our opponents, we intend to make our support for Arizona as public as we can, and to argue that our friends and family do the same.

Best wishes to the people of Arizona, and to you.

Raising Arizona - Support Arizona! Boycott the Boycotters!

Our home’s stucco needs a new topcoat this summer to cover tiny weather cracks that have developed over the past five years. When I call for quote, I am going to require any contractors wishing to have the work to provide evidence that the workers are legally documented to live and work in the United States. If I can’t find any contractors willing to provide such proof, I’ll just lick-‘n-stick the whole exterior with rock instead of just the lower half. I can no longer just talk the talk. I have to be willing to walk the walk. If it costs an extra $1,000 to have legal workers on the property, I’ll figure out a way to make it happen. Help me help Arizona. Help me preserve our culture.

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EDITORIAL: Stinko de Mayo

Offensive: U.S. Colors at School

Offensive: U.S. Colors at School

On May 5, five students at Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, Calif., were sent home for wearing clothing featuring the American flag. Their offense: trespassing on Mexican heritage during Cinco de Mayo.

*NOTE: My remarks are interspersed. All exerpts from the source material are linked to it.*

Let’s be honest about Stinko de Mayo: It was never a meaningful holiday even in Mexico. A small town in Mexico has so little going for it that their lives revolve around an ancient and insignificant military victory over the French. In any case, this is a dubious cause for celebration; are the any people anywhere that can’t claim a victory over the French? Anyway, some marketing genius pick up on this pale local holiday as a great way to sell a pissy-tasting mediocre Mexican beer, and the next thing you know you have rude, ungrateful Mexicans demanding that American kids in American schools hide Old Glory on May 5 so that they can properly respect this goofy beer holiday (that means nothing in their own native land) by wearing the Mexican flag and agitating for separatism…in a country that has offered them everything they couldn’t get in Mexico. What Stinko de Mayo REALLY provides is a focal event for rallying Mexican nativists against assimilation into their host culture (that would be US; that would be American culture.) It gives ugly vent to undisguised and undeserved hostility toward America and authentic Americans. There is nothing worth celebrating or even preserving in Mexican culture. Outside the high-toned vacation enclaves built and operated by American and other foreign interests, destinations that native Mexicans can only aspire to work in changing sheets and swabbing toilets, Mexico is a third world craphole just one half-step less repugnant than Somalia.

Give us FREE! America owes us!

Give us FREE! America owes us!

It’s time to completely harden your hearts to these parasitic invaders AND their ungrateful piggish offspring.

Not all flags are created equal. Some flags may be fashion statements, but the American flag is the patriotic symbol of the nation in which we live. This is why the American flag flies outside schools as opposed to, say, Zimbabwe’s. Schools should spend less time telling patriotic students not to cause a ruckus simply by wearing the national colors and more time teaching the kids who are offended by the American flag how wrongheaded their views are. This might require teachers and administrators to begin making value judgments and moral choices for the benefit of the children they are charged with educating. The Stars and Stripes should be a proud statement of unity for all.

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KUHNER: Obama’s psychosis

ObaMao Down The Rabbit Hole

ObaMao Down The Rabbit Hole

President Obama is at war with reality. This is the central problem of his presidency.

There is something strangely perverse about a worldview that believes a greater threat comes from old ladies at Tea Party rallies holding anti-Obama signs than jihadist mass murderers.

The desire to equate Tea Partiers – peaceful, law-abiding activists who have never committed any heinous crimes, never mind bombings or beheadings – with murderous fanatics is not simply delusional. It reflects an ideological psychosis, a death instinct that refuses to face up to the gathering threat of Islamic fascism.

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I wasn’t thinking.

* This post is archival, resulting from a poor decision on my part to put column links without comments on a separate page. That was stupid. So I copied them here and deleted the page “InMyEyes.”

Sunday – May 2

NUGENT: Immigration lesson for numskulls
Arizona is leading, America should follow

PRAGER: Why Left Talks About ‘White’ Tea Parties
This is intended to disqualify the tea parties from serious moral consideration.

ATLAS SHRUGS: The Freaks, Geeks, Traitors, America-Haters Out In Force
Some great photos here showing the true character of people organizing and attending these rallies; “Community, Student, and Labor Activists” translates into a very loud minority whipped up into a swastika-waving unruly crowd of commies and statists.

WILL: Arizona law’s foes are using the real immigration scare tactics
Meanwhile, hysteria about domestic fascism is unhelpful, even though it is a liberal tradition.

Arizonans Say Immigration Law Will Reduce Crime
Supporters Say the Law is a Necessary Step for Law Enforcement; Anti-Law Rallies Planned for Weekend Nationwide

Thousands march in Seattle for immigration reform
In Yakima, a counter-demonstrator held a sign that said “Gracias, Arizona.”

Saturday – May 1

Developing story.

GAO: Census has computer problem
Scraps $700 MILLION handheld computer system.
Goes back to PAPER; that’s not working either.
Hey, it’s only (your) money!

596 immigrants convicted of crimes nabbed in South
Federal agents say they have arrested 596 immigrants with criminal records during a three-day immigration enforcement sweep across the Southeast.

93 arrested so far in Arpaio’s latest sweep
Two-thirds of the 93 people arrested during the first day of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s latest crime and immigration sweep were believed to be illegal immigrants.

17 caught in search for Ariz. deputy’s attackers
Deputy Louie Puroll, 53, was patrolling near Interstate 8 when he came upon a stash of marijuana bales and five suspected smugglers. At least one of the suspects opened fire on him, tearing a chunk of skin from his back.

STEYN: Bigotry label for thee, not me
Was Franklin Delano Roosevelt a Nazi?
Liberals bash Arizonans from the back seat of their limos.

Friday – April 30

KUHNER: Is Obama fomenting a race war? – Washington Times
Fanning the flames of racial tension in Arizona is deliberate.
The consequences are the gradual Balkanization and breakup of America.
Not since the Civil War have Americans been so divided.
Welcome to Mr. Obama’s fascist America.

Thursday – April 29

EDITORIAL: Obama’s racial appeal – Washington Times
POST Racial or MOST racial?
White men need not apply.

EDITORIAL: Angry, hateful, violent, extremist liberals – Washington Times
“The Tequila Party”
Unlike Tea Parties, the left really is uncivil.

KOBACH: Arizona acts as Washington dithers – Washington Times
“Si se puede”
Attacks on new immigration law based on myths.

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Breaking things up…Noonan on “The Big Alienation”

Smoking Hole

Wouldn't we all be better off starting over?

“Washington is full of people who insist they’re in control and who go to great lengths to display their power. It’s that no one takes responsibility and authority. Washington daily delivers to the people two stark and utterly conflicting messages: ‘We control everything’ and ‘You’re on your own.'”

This graphic by Chad Crowe comes from Peggy Noonan’s May 1 WSJ column “The Big Alienation.” Noonan is an author and political writer who served as speechwriter and Special Assistant to President Ronald Reagan. She later worked briefly for Bush 1. Here are some phrases you might know her by: “a kinder, gentler nation” and “a thousand points of light.” Yeah, that was her. She also wrote “Read my lips: no new taxes.” Bush 1 might have had a second term if he hadn’t chosen to wipe his ass on that pledge. But probably not. He didn’t seem to want that second term very badly, appearing tired, vacuous, and even disoriented at times during the campaign that resulted in the election of Bubba. Clinton rubbed GHWB’s face in that broken tax promise every day, used it to grind him into dust. Such is the power of a good catchphrase; it can make you, it can break you. She also ripped Sarah Palin a new one, remarking that Palin’s candidacy signified a “vulgarization in American Politics” that was not good for America or for conservatives. At that point, I was pretty much finished with her (Peggy, not Sarah. Still thinking about Sarah.) Having expunged, via these remarks and others like them, any lingering doubt that she considers government to be the business of a ruling class, Noonan’s lofty (often beautiful) phrases ceased to move me.

But she’s sixty now. Maybe she’s experiencing a late-life moment of clarity. I can personally attest that a window of crystal vision often opens later in life, a waxing  brightness in which the abject silliness of youth’s gushing idealism is exposed and the world revealed as the simple organism that it is, and always has been. You smack your forehead and say “What the fuck was I thinking?” The tone of her column hints that she finally feels the ground moving beneath her feet. She correctly observes:

“The right never trusted the government, but now the middle doesn’t.”

Ya’ think, Margaret? Welcome to the party. Maybe you need to get out of that New York-Washington ellipsis once in awhile. And I don’t mean flying to Paris, London, or Hollywood to clink crystal that costs as much as a small car with people just like you, either. Maybe you need to drive (yeah, most of us really do that for ourselves out here) cross-country. Spend a week or two visiting with people like me in Utah, or just plain folks in small and medium-sized towns and cities anywhere in flyover country. Or maybe ask Sarah if you can hang out with her and her family for a few days, how would that be, to actually experience something instead of casting down slings and arrows, haughty lightning bolts from your New York sinecure? There’s more to America than you can see from your foppish eastern redoubt, Peggy. Get the snob-stink off you, come out and get some fresh air.

What Noonan is just now sensing is old hat to anyone with two feet on the ground. But at least she’s starting to get it.

“I asked a campaigner for Hillary Clinton recently where her sturdy, pantsuited supporters had gone. They didn’t seem part of the Obama brigades. ‘Some of them are at the tea party,’ she said.”

I included the graphic from her column because I’ve been saying for years that a deep smoking hole bounded by the Capitol Beltway would be the best, the real, and perhaps the only way to address the entropic descent of our politics from “government of the people, by the people, for the people” to authoritarian, anti-constitutional, autocratic rule by venal and venomous crawly things found in the halls of modern American government.

“But while the Democrats worry about the prospects of the Democrats and the Republicans about the well-being of the Republicans, who worries about America? No one. Which the American people have noticed, and which adds to the dangerous alienation—actually it’s at the heart of the alienation—of the age.”

Belatedly, maybe. But she’s paying attention now. And like the OLD Peggy Noonan, the one who so beautifully milled President Reagan’s thoughts and philosophies into language, she politely takes note of what I’ve been saying in my own coarse way for a long time:

“The American people fear they are losing their place and authority in the daily, unwinding drama of American history. They feel increasingly alienated from their government. And alienation, again, is often followed by deep animosity, and animosity by the breaking up of things.”

Peggy’s still a step behind, I think. From where I sit, we are in the “deep animosity” stage of her progression.

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Brains…No Brains

Brains. These people want to preserve American borders, language, and culture:


Debbie Riddle - Bring AZ law to Texas

Texas Representative Debbie Riddle plans to introduce a tough immigration measure similar to the new law in Arizona.

Rep. Debbie Riddle of Tomball said she will push for the law in the January legislative session, according to Wednesday’s editions of the San Antonio Express-News and Houston Chronicle.

Duncan Hunter

Duncan Hunter (R) California - Deport Anchor Babies

Representative Duncan Hunter wants to deport the U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants but he isn’t the only one who wants to change the U.S. Constitution.

Hunter, who spoke at a tea party gathering in Ramona Saturday, said he does not believe children born to illegal immigrant parents should get automatic U.S. citizenship.

Tim James

Alabama Gubernatorial Candidate Tim James - Learn English

Amid a national debate over Arizona’s tough new immigration law, Republican Alabama gubernatorial candidate Tim James (and son of previous Gov. Fob James) vows in a new campaign ad that if he’s elected, he’ll give the state driver’s license exam only in English, as a cost-saving measure.

“This is Alabama; we speak English,” he says in the ad. “If you want to live here, learn it.”

No Brains. These people are willing to watch American culture decline and vanish from the earth:

Connie Mack

Connie Mack (R) Florida - Arizona Like Nazi Germany

Mack: Rep. Connie Mack (R-Fla.) ripped into the new Arizona immigration law today, comparing it to Nazi Germany. This law of ‘frontier justice’ – where law enforcement officials are required to stop anyone based on ‘reasonable suspicion’ that they may be in the country illegally – is reminiscent of a time during World War II when the Gestapo in Germany stopped people on the street and asked for their papers without probable cause,” Mack said in a statement. Yeah, about that, Connie; Americans of all colors are asked to produce proof of identity and status as a matter of daily life. Get stopped for speeding, better have your “papers.” Use your imagination. It’s a part of the fabric of our lives, white, black, brown, whatever. There’s nothing in the Arizona law that allows cops to stop people without probable cause, no matter what their race. And comparing Arizona to Nazi Germany? What an asshole. Bet the Jews in your district love that.

Marco Rubio

Rubio - Hasn't read AZ Law...But Doesn't Like It Anyway

Rubio: Florida Republican Senate candidate Marco Rubio criticized Arizona’s tough new immigration law today, putting him at odds with the national conservative establishment that has aided his meteoric rise.

Rubio said the law could effectively “single out people who are here legally, including U.S. citizens.”

Uhhh…maybe you should read the bill first, Rubio? Since reading bills will be a part of the job you’re running for right now. Or maybe like Conyers, you don’t bother reading bills because you wouldn’t be able to understand them anyway? Yeah, we need ANOTHER Senator like that, running off at the mouth “based on what I’ve read in news reports…” And this guy’s part of “the future of the Republican Party”? Hope not.


Bloomberg - "We Love Immigrants Here"

Bloomberg: “We don’t have doctors, and we’re not allowing people who want to come here and be doctors to come here,” the mayor said. “This is just craziness.” Yeah, Bloomberg, but think of the poor people of Arizona who have to go pick up all those stethoscopes and medical degrees littering the landscape dropped by Mexican doctors busting into America in the middle of the night.

“We have to get real about the 12 million undocumented here,” the mayor said. “We’re not going to deport them. Give them permanent status. Don’t make them citizens unless they can qualify, but give them permanent status and let’s get on with this.” We’re not going to deport them because people like you don’t have the nuts to do it, as Eisenhower did in the ’50s. Or maybe you just like having lots of little brown slaves around to make your beds and mow your lawns?

“People are developing new drugs in India, rather than here. They’re going to win the next Nobel Prize in China or in Europe, not here. If we want to have a future, we need to have more immigrants here.” W-H-a-a-t? Does this guy ever leave his house? Has he ever been to Arizona, New Mexico, California, Texas, Utah, Colorado, Nevada? I’ve got news for the King of New York: It’s not Nobel Prize winners that are killing ranchers and border patrolmen in OUR neighborhoods. It’s the same turds that are beheading their enemies in the streets of Nuevo Laredo. The same turds that are pricing young citizens and unskilled Americans out of entry-level jobs. THESE are the Mexicans climbing the fences and wading the river to get into America, Bloomberg, not medical doctors and pharmaceutical research scientists. How about this? You run your OWN city and state into a ditch (you’re doing a damn fine job of it, too) and keep your nose the fuck out of our business here in the West and Southwest.

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Clown Circus on the East River

Women's Rights Crusader Ahmadinejad

Women's Rights Crusader Ahmadinejad

Women of the World Breathe Sigh of Relief; UN Elects Iran to Commission on Women’s Rights.

Yes, that’s right, folks. Iran. Women’s rights. In the same sentence. They go together like steak and surfboards, don’t they? This is just TOO funny…unless you have a vagina. On the same day that Tehran’s police chief announced that women with suntans will be arrested for defying Islamic values and a few days after an important Iranian cleric made the straight-faced assertion that immodest women cause earthquakes, the UN elects Iran to their commission for improving women’s rights. Hardly a week goes by without new proof that the UN is the world’s biggest a clown circus.

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What’s Grahamnesty Up To?

Lindsey Graham (R) South Carolina

Lindsey Graham (R) South Carolina

The Washington Times reports that “The sole Senate Republican working with Democrats on a bipartisan immigration bill said Tuesday that the issue will have to wait until 2012, undercutting the drive to pass a law this year and setting up a partisan floor showdown that all sides acknowledge won’t produce a bill that can reach the president’s desk.”

There’s a REASON that Graham is the “Lone Republican” on this issue. With his former “Immigration Reform” (aka Amnesty) butt-buddy John McCain sweating blood over re-election in November and defending the passage of Arizona’s new illegal immigration statute, Graham has wisely decided to get past November before resurrecting his plan for the murder of the Republican Party and the abortion of the Conservative revival movement in America. Which is what granting amnesty for 12 to 20 million alien invaders is all about. Having reached a tipping point in America’s history where 47% of taxpayers contribute no income tax, many of whom in fact receive annual “refunds” for money never paid, we are a hair’s width away from the enshrinement of a permanent Progressive/Socialist/Democrat ruling class. Millions of newly “reformed” citizen Democrat voters will see to it that America goes out with a whimper, not a bang.

This following quotation is one we’ve all seen and heard many times, and has been attributed to Scottish philosopher Alexander Fraser Tytler, supposedly ruminating circa 1770 about the fall of the Athenian Republic. There is some argument that the quotation is paraphrased, and some that it is an agglomeration of several more verifiable quotations. No matter; it can’t be argued that (paraphrased or not) the originator was prescient regarding our own unique American experiment and an astute observer of the decline and fall of previous great civilizations.

“A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover that they can vote themselves largess from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship. The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been 200 years. Nations have progressed in this sequence: from bondage to spiritual faith, from spiritual faith to great courage, from courage to liberty, from liberty to abundance, from abundance to selfishness; from selfishness to complacency, from complacency to apathy, from apathy to dependence, from dependence back again into bondage.”

Add 12 to 20 million new citizens immediately at the lower end of the economic strata in America and try to even DREAM that we have a free future. Albert J. Nock, the original Philosophical Anarchist, quipped in his 1935 book Our Enemy, The State

“Americans have been too thoroughly conditioned to serf-mindedness to care two straws about freedom, whereas economic security exactly suits them, and they will cheerfully sacrifice all their prospects in this world and all their hopes for the next in their determination to get it.”

Nock also described the state as that which “claims and exercises the monopoly of crime”, consistently criticizing FDR’s New Deal as merely a pretext for the consolidation of power and control over society in the hands of the Federal government.  Just imagine what he would have to say about modern American government, and most especially about the ObaMao regime.

This same genius also observed that “the practical reason for freedom is that freedom seems to be the only condition under which any kind of substantial moral fiber can be developed – we have tried law, compulsion and authoritarianism of various kinds, and the result is nothing to be proud of.”

As we lose our freedom, so do we lose our moral fiber. So do we part with American Exceptionalism. So do we embrace our new level of serfdom and obedience to our elite ruling class.

But I digress…the point here is that Lindsey Graham is not on our side, never has been. He bears watching. He can’t be trusted to do the right thing.

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Whose Country is This?

Patrick J. Buchanan

Patrick J. Buchanan

With the support of 70 percent of its citizens, Arizona has ordered sheriffs and police to secure the border and remove illegal aliens, half a million of whom now reside there.

Pat’s columns are always well written and pithy. His article is excerpted here and linked. My own remarks are less well written and not so pithy. So they’re just plain black words.

The ink isn’t even dry on the statute signed by Governor Jan Brewer, and already the long knives are out. Eric Holder plans to turn the Justice Department’s flamethrowers on the Grand Canyon State, ObaMao is calling our Arizona neighbors “misguided” (is that like calling the cops “stupid” because they arrest your buddy?), and some of San Francisco’s effete twerps are already spearheading a boycott of the state and it’s businesses. Hell, one of Arizona’s elected officials is even calling for a boycott of HIS OWN STATE! And what’s Rep. Raul Grijalva, (D-Arizona 7) doing here anyway? His father, according to Wikipedia, “entered the United States in 1945 through the Bracero Program and labored on southern Arizona ranches”. That was supposed to be a temporary worker program—so how come he’s here?


The Face of Reconquista

Peter Brimelow puts it this way: “Grijalva is not an immigrant but a Mexican colonizer and what he’s against is not the ‘power structure’—he’s against America.” (This text currently links to VDARE.com’s fund-raising page, but that can change. You can click through to the site at the bottom. If you want some politically incorrect but clear-eyed reading on immigration issues, these guys have been at it for a long time. As a bonus, the lefties hate this site and everyone who writes for it. That can’t be bad.)

I watched news footage of the Mexican invaders and their sympathizers rioting in Phoenix after the bill was signed into law, watched them destroy property and assault police, watched them paint swastikas on cars and buildings with re-fried beans, etc. I didn’t hear Bill Clinton lecturing the rioters about demonizing government, or Nancy Pelosi blubbering and slobbering in fear over the SWAS-ti-KAHS as she did when articulating her fear of right-wing, hate-mongering, militia-joining Tea Party folks. The traditional media  orgs deemed the Phoenix riots as “mostly peaceful.” Huh? Remember how they’ve characterized the REALLY peaceful, respectful, civic-minded Tea Partiers? Over and over again? It’s only been a few days since ObaMao worshiper Joe Klein of Time magazine accused conservative leaders (Limbaugh, Beck, Palin) of SEDITION on MSNBC  (with the lipless hermaphrodite Chris Mathews looking on approvingly.) Klein concluded that the seditious conduct and hateful remarks being manifested by these conservative leaders and media folks (and the Tea Partiers) are REALLY owing to ObaMao’s being black (he’s white too, isn’t he?) and having “Hussein” for a middle name. You can watch the clip on NEWSBUSTERS.

PJB concludes his column with THIS:

“Al Sharpton threatens to go to Phoenix and march in the streets against the new Arizona law. Let him go.

Let us see how many African-Americans, who are today frozen out of the 8 million jobs held by illegal aliens that might otherwise go to them or their children, will march to defend an invasion for which they are themselves paying the heaviest price.

Last year, while Americans were losing a net of 5 million jobs, the U.S. government — Bush and Obama both — issued 1,131,000 green cards to legal immigrants to come and take the jobs that did open up, a flood of immigrants equaled in only four other years in our history.

What are we doing to our own people?

Whose country is this, anyway?

America today has an establishment that, because it does not like the immigration laws, countenances and condones wholesale violation of those laws.

Nevertheless, under those laws, the U.S. government is obligated to deport illegal aliens and punish businesses that knowingly hire them.

This is not an option. It is an obligation.”

Unfortunately, PJB is preaching to the choir. No one in this regime (or the last) is interested in that obligation.

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Resist Grijalva’s Reconquista

The Face of Reconquista - Rep. Raul Grijalva, (D-AZ)

The Face of Reconquista - Rep. Raul Grijalva, (D-AZ)

“We’re going to overturn this unjust and racist law, and then we’re going to overturn the power structure that created this unjust, racist law.”

Rep. Raul Grijalva’s father, according to Wikipedia, “entered the United States in 1945 through the Bracero Program and labored on southern Arizona ranches”. That was supposed to be a temporary worker program—how come he’s here? And how come he’s trying to overthrow “the power structure that created this unjust, racist law” a.k.a. Arizona’s elected government’s attempt to enforce laws that the Federal government will not? Answer: Grijalva is not an immigrant but a Mexican colonizer and what he’s against is not the “power structure”—he’s against America.

This link MAY open to VDARE.COM’s fundraising page. There’s some interesting reading on the page, but at the bottom, you can click through to their main site. I’m a frequent visitor to VDARE, and find some of the clearest thinking on the illegal immigration issue here. Just like everything and everyone else who opposes open borders and amnesty, this site is universally vilified by the left as…can you guess? RACIST! Oh no! Check it out for yourself.

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New Arizona law forcing hard choices on migrants

Moving to...UTAH! ...gulp.

Unintended Consequences: Moving to...UTAH! (gulp.)

Well, Boo-Friggin’-Hoo.

With Arizona’s crackdown on illegal immigrants looming, Guatemalan Samuel Roldan is swapping the family’s battered Chevy Suburban, which he feels marks them out as low-income migrants, for a smarter, more corporate-looking Nissan. “When you have an old car (covered) with stickers for a Spanish-language radio station … it’s only logical that they will think you are Hispanic and you don’t have papers,” Roldan said. Roldan is among an estimated 460,000 illegal immigrants in the Mexico border state carefully weighing their options on Monday, three days after Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed the United States’ toughest immigration measure into law.

This part’s not funny. NOT FUNNY AT ALL:

Others, like Mexican day laborer Jesus Aguilar, 52, say the measure leaves them few options but to leave Arizona and try their luck elsewhere.
“Since the law says that people hiring undocumented day laborers will get fined, no-one wants to hire us,” said Aguilar, who early on Monday was among some two dozen migrants touting for landscaping and building work at a day labor site in north Phoenix. “We are thinking of going to Utah or New Mexico … Here it is just too racist,” he added.

Now HERE you go! My Man Rodolfo!
For Mexican day laborer Rodolfo Espinoza, meanwhile, it was simply time to go back home to work as a fisherman on the Pacific coast of northwest Mexico, where he has a wife and four children. “This new law gives us no other option than to leave … I’m going back to Mexico, where I feel more comfortable,” he added.

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SF Calls for Arizona Boycott

San Francisco Does Arizona

San Francisco Does Arizona

Wow. I’ll bet all those effete San Francisco snobs will be missed in Arizona. NOT!

San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera on Monday called for a sweeping boycott of the state of Arizona and Arizona-based businesses.

Looks like Arizona is the New South Africa. (I didn’t agree with boycotting SA either. Who was right and who was wrong? It WAS a prosperous, largely self-sufficient country. Now is a third-world craphole. There must have been some middle ground there that they could have pursued, but the slash-and-burn policies of the new government inflicted unending misery and hardship on everyone, black and white.)

By the way; compare the behavior of these protesting lawless invaders to ANY Tea Party event. What do your eyes tell you about who’s lawful, peaceful, respectful, and who’s not? Tea Party people pick up their water bottles and put them in the trash. These criminal Mexican rioters throw their bottles (and other trash) at police.

Anyway, Debbie wants to go to Disneyland, but I’ve been reluctant to go back to California for anything. I used to love it, but it’s been so corrupted and perverted over the past twenty years that I think of it in the same was as I think about Cuba. Call it a boycott if you want.

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