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BARBER: ‘Gays,’ guns and mad social science – Gambling with our security for homosexual rights is nuts

General Gaga sides with Harry Reid and ObaMao: Tells serving military men and women “Our new law is called ‘If you don’t like it, go home!” The sad part is that about 24% of our military men and women said … Continue reading

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Boehner: Dems Have Time for Comedy, Not Tax Cuts, in Congress

I’ve always thought that Zoe Lofgren (D – CA) radiated the sort of bovine stupidity that George W. Bush was accused of throughout his political career. My judgment seems to be validated by her recent hosting of Stephen Colbert before … Continue reading

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$50 MILLION of YOUR Dollars to Buy Cleaner Cookstoves for India, Asia, Africa

The latest scheme by which blood that has been sucked from the veins of working Americans to be squandered in contemptuously stupid progressive do-good programs has been announced by (who else) Hillary Clinton. To fight “Global Climate Disruption” and global … Continue reading

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New Meaning for the phrase”Stimulus Funds.”

Teaching Africans to Wash Their Penises: PRICELESS! Well, not REALLY priceless. Your government was involved. What does that tell you? The price was actually Eight Hundred Grand. Eight Hundred Thousand Dollars. Plus. $823,200.00. I would be embarrassed to disclose how … Continue reading

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