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“We are not at war with Islam.” This lie is so often and so widely repeated that we expect to hear it whenever a government apparatchik opens his or her mouth in public. It’s a lie. It’s Newspeak, as is … Continue reading

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Murdoch Joins Bloomberg: Makes Lunatic Call for Amnesty

Rupert Murdoch is precisely the kind of immigrant that looney-tunes Michael Bloomberg described when he lamented that we were keeping so many physicians and scientists out with our “broken” immigration policies. Not like those thousands of OTHER “professionals” that don’t … Continue reading

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Famed Obama ‘Hope’ poster artist losing hope

In an exclusive interview with National Journal on Thursday, Shepard Fairey expressed his disappointment with the president — a malaise that seems representative of many Democrats who had great expectations for Obama. Your might say that the HOPE guy now … Continue reading

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The Power of Language in the Mouths of Liars

Guess what? All you bone-headed, stubborn, right-wing wackos have rejected the bullshit being sold by The Greatest Con Man Alive  as “Global Warming” despite the massive use of phony science and media fraud to convince you that Man is the … Continue reading

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