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Watchdog Dads: A Proposal for the Meaningful Protection of Children and Staff from Extraordinary Violence at Public Schools

Introduction: In addition to being intellectually vacant, I find the current arguments for additional gun controls to be cynical and worse, destructive to the goal of providing meaningful protection for our children at school. The common sense solution is immediately … Continue reading

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It’s 10PM; Do You Know What Your Teachers Are Doing?

California Teachers: “Free Mumia!” Thirty years after murdering Philadelphia policeman Daniel J. Faulkner, ex-Black Panther Mumia Abu-Jamal is still breathing your air and eating your food. The California Federation of Teachers wants him free. Why would you expose your kids … Continue reading

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The First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All The Lawyers…

Why do I keep coming back to this Shakespeare line? It was only a matter of time; now we have the first politician (Democrat – what else) suing his critics for “loss of livelihood” owing to his defeat at the … Continue reading

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Doing Jobs Americans Won’t Do (again)

In another story of hard-working illegal alien Mexicans coming to America to realize their dreams, the Ogden Standard Examiner reports on 2010.12.23 that Felipe Casas-Zavala, 32, Roberto Mora, 41, Jesus Dominguez, 43, and Omar Palomares, 34, have been arrested on … Continue reading

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Don’t Go to a Gunfight Armed with…Yogurt

Road Rage: Yogurt vs. Handgun Funny part: Gun brandisher charged with misdemeanor; yogurt thrower charged with FELONY “throwing missile at vehicle.” You can’t make this stuff up.

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For Sale: Slightly Used ObaMao, Justice Department Included.

1. Google raises a truckload of cash for ObaMao. 2. ObaMao administration drops investigation of Google. How weird is that? “Google’s Eric Schmidt recently said, “The average American doesn’t realize how much of the laws are written by lobbyists”.  He … Continue reading

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Ironic: In the Land of Lincoln, Soldiers Don’t Count

In fairness, this isn’t happening in Illinois only. But the irony is too delicious not to observe that in the Land of Lincoln, the votes of jailbirds are more important than the votes of soldiers. Explain to me how an … Continue reading

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Geert Wilders film on Islam can be viewed HERE. Wilders is currently on trial in the Netherlands for “Insulting Islam” and “Inciting Hatred Against Muslims.” He is also named in a fatwa (command to murder) by Australian imam Feiz Muhammad. … Continue reading

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General Chaos

General McChrystal will reportedly appear to kiss the ring (and the ass) of ObaMao tomorrow, resignation in hand. The resignation should be accepted. The General can’t possibly be as stupid as he now seems, but he is walking, talking proof … Continue reading

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Doing jobs Americans won’t do? This is where I live.

Of the eleven arrestees shown  in this photo from Friday’s Ogden Standard Examiner (June 4, 2010) ten are Mexicans. When I say “Mexicans”, that’s what I mean; they are Mexican Citizens, all in this country illegally. We call them “Illegal … Continue reading

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Hate Crimes – The opposite of Love Crimes

February 12, 2008: Brandon McInerny (14) heads to EO Green Middle school in Oxnard California carrying a .22 pistol in his backpack. After about fifteen minutes of staring down the kid in front of him in his first period computer lab, Brandon … Continue reading

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