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Told you so.

” …but no good for the civilized world can come from the deposition of Hosni Mubarak.” Me, in this blog, 2011.01.30 Told you so…and no; I don’t hate to say it. I believe that all history is cyclic, not linear or … Continue reading

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Questions for the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize Recipient – James S. Robbins

“If U.S. involvement in the civil war in Libya does not constitute a war as defined by the War Powers Act, why are the troops conducting operations there receiving imminent danger pay? And now that Syrian dictator Bashar Assad has … Continue reading

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American Alliances in Middle East Crumble…

You have to get outside the spongy corona of our self-adoring domestic media organizations to get an honest picture of what is happening to us in the eyes of the world. “Jimmy Carter will go down in American history as … Continue reading

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Well, THAT didn’t take long…

As predicted, the anger in Egypt is beginning to focus on Israel and The United States. “Go Away Mubarak, you are from the Americans!” It was inevitable, wasn’t it?

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Jimmy Carter II – Will We Ever Learn?

Doing the same things and expecting different results: yes, it’s insane, but governments revel in their eagerness to repeat mistakes again and again. I’ve concluded that it’s often intentional. Our political and bureaucratic apparatchiks are supposedly drawn from our “best … Continue reading

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Geert Wilders film on Islam can be viewed HERE. Wilders is currently on trial in the Netherlands for “Insulting Islam” and “Inciting Hatred Against Muslims.” He is also named in a fatwa (command to murder) by Australian imam Feiz Muhammad. … Continue reading

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“We are not at war with Islam.” This lie is so often and so widely repeated that we expect to hear it whenever a government apparatchik opens his or her mouth in public. It’s a lie. It’s Newspeak, as is … Continue reading

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