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A Gift from Dr. Walter E. Williams

Dr. Walter E. Williams is firmly established as my favorite modern philosopher. Dr. Williams was taught that the true test of one’s knowledge of a subject is demonstrated ability to explain it to someone who knows nothing about it. In … Continue reading

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Nose in the air, nose in the air, lookin’ like a fool wit’cher nose in the air.

“Why is Obama’s nose always in the air? His incredible arrogance? Or does something stink?” The quote is from a random Yahoo post, ironically categorized as a “solved question.” 🙂 It IS solved of course, that question. Something definitely stinks, … Continue reading

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Benjamin Rush on George Washington:

“General Washington…seems to be one of those illustrious heroes whom Providence raises up once in three or four hundred years to save a nation from ruin…” Who will save us now? I don’t think we can wait another hundred years. … Continue reading

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