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a: Intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury.
b: extreme dislike or antipathy : loathing.

Fulford does Islam

Well said. You can say that once about James Fulford and be right all the time. Since this is a weekend in which we contemplate Islam’s unremitting War on Civilization, I thought you might enjoy Fulford’s thoughts on the subject. … Continue reading

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…those bastards. Those filthy, animal bastards.

Reflections on 2001.09.11. I am filled with revulsion whenever I hear a mealy-mouthed professional politician or pundit utter one of the many  iterations of this phrase: “We are not at war with Islam.” I know I’m not alone. It’s a … Continue reading

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Outrage: Ground Zero HaMosque May Get Public Funding

Article: Ground Zero Muslim center may get public financing (Reuters) How is this even possible? The leftists demand separation of church and state don’t they? Why does a death-loving cult founded by a seventh century child molester qualify for public … Continue reading

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Finally…a President Helen Thomas can Appreciate!

Sometimes, I’m just speechless. Helen Thomas, finally in the White House Press Room with a president that hates Jews just like her, is free to tell you how she REALLY feels. Caution: Helen’s video might be offensive if you’re a … Continue reading

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Hate Crimes – The opposite of Love Crimes

February 12, 2008: Brandon McInerny (14) heads to EO Green Middle school in Oxnard California carrying a .22 pistol in his backpack. After about fifteen minutes of staring down the kid in front of him in his first period computer lab, Brandon … Continue reading

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It’s Not About Complexion; It’s About Ideas.

Contrast the eloquence, the heart-warming love of country, the sincerity, of Gabriella Saucedo in this video clip from a Tuscon City Council meeting on the subject of having the city sue the State of Arizona over SB1070 with the despicable … Continue reading

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L.A. Teacher Calls for Mexican Revolt in the U.S.

Not much I can add. California vacation, anyone? Compassion for La Raza, anyone? Apparently, this commie turd is a TEACHER in LA. One of the posters on the YouTube site identifies him by name, his school, and provides a phone … Continue reading

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