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“We Can’t Wait!” (Except when it might benefit ObaMao’s chances for re-election.)

With every economic and national security indicator pointing to the need for immediate approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline Project, ObaMao has decided instead to placate environmentalist fanatics by moving decision on the project beyond the next election. Canada’s Prime … Continue reading

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Do You Have a Ticket on The Cain Train?

It’s clear from the polls and other analysis that conservative Americans don’t want a pale, purpley candidate to run against ObaMao. (See the BLUE area of the simplified political chart? It’s where Romney lives.) We All Liked Ike, but Mitt Doesn’t Fit. Different … Continue reading

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The First Thing We Do, Let’s Kill All The Lawyers…

Why do I keep coming back to this Shakespeare line? It was only a matter of time; now we have the first politician (Democrat – what else) suing his critics for “loss of livelihood” owing to his defeat at the … Continue reading

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Rabbit Redux…

Remember Jimmah Carter’s “malaise” speech, wherein he blamed the electorate for his miserable, destructive, incompetence? What does THIS remind you of? “We have lost our ambition, our imagination, and our willingness to do the things that built the Golden Gate Bridge,” President Obama … Continue reading

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Why The European Union Will Fail:

Substitute the United States of America for what Greenspan refers to as “Southern Europe” and China for what he refers to as “Northern Europe” and think about what happens here when the “North” stops subsidizing the “excess consumption” of the “South.” Greenspan … Continue reading

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Told you so.

” …but no good for the civilized world can come from the deposition of Hosni Mubarak.” Me, in this blog, 2011.01.30 Told you so…and no; I don’t hate to say it. I believe that all history is cyclic, not linear or … Continue reading

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Hopeless…and Change

Mark Steyn summed it up in the opening pages of his new book After America: Get Ready for Armageddon, writing “The existential questions for America loom not decades hence, but right now. It is not that we are on a … Continue reading

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