One very stark, very important difference.

ImageAll of the differences boil down to this one foundational fact: Mitt Romney is what he is; a real man with a real and verifiable past. The sign over the door through which he entered the debate forum last night said “Clear Eyes; Full Hearts; Can’t Lose” When you are being your authentic self you have no need to remember who you are supposed to be on a given day, what part you’ve planned to play at that moment. You can have clear eyes. That’s Mitt Romney’s true strength, and Obama can never gain that strength because he has lived a construct instead of a life, playing one or the other of several personas that he has carefully pieced together or that have been carefully scripted for him by others. Even his so-called autobiographies are self-admitted works of fiction filled with “composite characters” and mythic events. In the spy trade, Obama has to remember which “legend” he is currently utilizing. Romney, freed of that intellectual and psychological overhead, can focus his entire formidable energy on the task at hand; being himself. He can enjoy a full heart.

Ask yourself; what sort normal people want as friends and associates? What manner of neighbors do we all hope we have? Shocked that Americans were willing to entrust their fortunes and futures to “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma”, I am presently appalled that the possibility even exists, given four years of hindsight, they might do it again.

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