“We Can’t Wait!” (Except when it might benefit ObaMao’s chances for re-election.)

Keystone MapWith every economic and national security indicator pointing to the need for immediate approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline Project, ObaMao has decided instead to placate environmentalist fanatics by moving decision on the project beyond the next election. Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper, frustrated by ObaMao’s cynical inaction, and saying that the decision to delay approval has produced  “extremely negative reactions”, has announced that Canada will explore opportunities to export more oil to…China.

North American Oil to ChinaGreat. Just what we need. Here’s a perfect example of a “shovel ready” project that would create thousands of high-paying jobs for Americans (and Canadians), but ObaMao would rather slither around the country pimping his so-called “jobs bill”, which is really a thinly disguised package of tax increases.

“Diesel fuel is, and will likely continue to be, the lifeblood of the American trucking industry,” ATA President and CEO Bill Graves said. “The State Department can help ensure that the 18-wheelers that deliver America’s essential goods like food, fuel and medicine have reliable access to that fuel by approving the Keystone XL project. Approving this project would give a green light to thousands of new jobs and a much needed economic stimulus.”

If we’re lucky, November 2012 will see this man relegated to the dustbin of history, where he can assume his place alongside Jimmah Carter in the Hall of Worst Presidents.

Gimme One More Chance

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