Do You Have a Ticket on The Cain Train?


It’s clear from the polls and other analysis that conservative Americans don’t want a pale, purpley candidate to run against ObaMao. (See the BLUE area of the simplified political chart? It’s where Romney lives.)

We All Liked Ike, but Mitt Doesn’t Fit. Different time; different world.

MittThere is much to admire in Romney, but he’s not an answer to four years of quick-march to socialism under ObaMao, whose minions have been frantically stuffing the massive bloated bureaucracy of the federal government with like-minded progressives, socialists, communists, and Marxists. We all know that Bureaucrats are Forever. As ObaMao increasingly governs by executive order and bureaucratic rule-making, he removes any slight barrier that the alphabet agencies may have felt constrained by in the past to absolute statism by regulatory fiat.

Mormons react rabidly to any criticism of their favored son, but that’s nothing new. They’re Kool-Aid drinkers. Always have been, always will be. (Full disclosure: I am a Mormon, but that’s another story, and probably only until someone in the management of the church discovers that I am also often a heretic.) The simple fact is that the LDS (Mormon) church, not unlike the REST of the organized religions in America wants what’s best for its own ruling elite and for its own organizational prosperity; witness the four-square support of the churches for unrestrained immigration, and especially for illegal immigrants. They are organizationally far-sighted by nature. That’s what using THIS life to prepare for another does for you. They fully understand that, a few generations hence, America will be Mexamerica, that our own culture is dying of cancer and the loss of will to live. Admirably pragmatic, they are busy as bees in a hive preparing to live and prosper in the NEW culture. That means getting the maximum number of tithe-paying Mexican asses into church pews. That means brainwashing their children for the future benefit of the church. That means perfecting the business of supplying cheap illegal slave labor to the movers and shakers in the church. Who cares where they were born? We’re all God’s children, right? That means continuing to push church-formulated strategy into the political process, and no one does that better than Mormons. I don’t mean to single out Mormons here; they all do this, all of the organized religions. Mormons are especially good at some parts of it.

Instinctively, I wanted Newt. He’s the smartest guy in any room, except when he’s thinking with the little head instead of the big one. That’s an almost universal and uniquely male failing, and it drove a nail through Newt’s substantial value to America. ObaMao, on the other hand, has convinced himself that he’s the Smartest Man in the World, and he’s pretty good at convincing glazed-eyed idolaters of it as well; that’s what narcissists do best. But America won’t have Newt. So I switched my attention to Bachmann, and I still believe she would be a great president, but America apparently won’t have a woman as president if she possesses any shred of femininity. Hillary Clinton could be elected. But not Bachmann, and certainly not Palin. I love Ron Paul, and I have a broad streak of Libertarianism in my heart, but Libertarianism is too radical for people who openly embrace statism, Marxism, communism, socialism or all of the aforementioned. And half of all modern-day Americans are perfectly comfortable living in Dependistan, their half of what used to be the UNITED States of America. So Ron Paul will have to remain our Don Quixote. But I still love the old guy. Santorum? I only know that he’s a proven loser. He might be a fine person, but who needs someone who loses an election with everything in his favor? Perry? GWB Junior, you mean? GWB and Perry only look good when they’re compared with the current Commander Of Chief of the 57 states. No, I’m with Jesse Jackson on this one; “Stay out da’ Bushes!” and that includes Rick Perry.

Herman Cain

This will come as a surprise only to people who may have known me for many years, but never really knew me at all; I’m going for a ride on the CAIN TRAIN. Not because he’s a viable also-ran to Newt and Bachmann…I’ve previously known little about him, but the more I learn, the more I like him. One of my relatives recently called me a racist for daring to take issue with the ObaMaos. The guy should know better. I always thought this relative was a smart guy, but it turns out he was merely clever. Big difference. Got it. Anyway, read Pruden on WHY the Herman Cain phenomenon sends the ObaMaos off the edge of sanity. It’s great fun watching these boobs foam at the mouth. (By the way, I’ve come to use this term “ObaMaos” collectively as well as individually, to mean not only ObaMao himself, you know, The One, but to encompass the whole body of swooning zombies who still want to lick his feet.)

Cain 2012We’ll talk more later. Gotta run…got a train to catch!


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