President Trump? The Donald on China

President Trump?We could do worse. LOTS worse.

No bowing and scraping before Hu Jintao or other world leaders for THIS American. On China:

“These are not our friends.  These are our enemies.  These are not people that understand niceness.  And the only thing you can do, Wolf, to get their attention is to say either we’re not going to trade with you any further or, in the alternative, we’re going to tax your products as they come into the United States.”

My MAN! And he wasn’t finished:

BLITZER: “You know that a lot of the economists, the free trade experts, say if there were a trade war between the United States and China, it could cause not only a worldwide recession, but a worldwide depression, if these two giant – the number one and number two economic powers in the world – went to war against each other.”
TRUMP: “No, it will cause a depression in China, not here.  China is making all the money.  We’re not making the money.  I mean, look at the numbers.  Look at the – look at the difference as to what we import compared to what they’re importing.”

Seriously, let’s just get past the hair thing, OK? If we can have as President someone who never did anything of substance in his life before taking office and whose whole perception of the world comes from William Ayers and other leftist academics just like him, why can’t we have a President who understands the art of the deal, one who is tough and all-American?

Read the full transcript of his CNN interview HERE.

And another thing; the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Can a guy who despises THIS thing be half-bad?

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