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Grim Assessment…

Well, I guess he would know, huh? Eli Shaked, a former Israeli ambassador to Cairo, offered a grim assessment Sunday in the daily Yediot Ahronot. “The assumption at present is that Mubarak’s regime is living on borrowed time, and that … Continue reading

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American Alliances in Middle East Crumble…

You have to get outside the spongy corona of our self-adoring domestic media organizations to get an honest picture of what is happening to us in the eyes of the world. “Jimmy Carter will go down in American history as … Continue reading

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Well, THAT didn’t take long…

As predicted, the anger in Egypt is beginning to focus on Israel and The United States. “Go Away Mubarak, you are from the Americans!” It was inevitable, wasn’t it?

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Jimmy Carter II – Will We Ever Learn?

Doing the same things and expecting different results: yes, it’s insane, but governments revel in their eagerness to repeat mistakes again and again. I’ve concluded that it’s often intentional. Our political and bureaucratic apparatchiks are supposedly drawn from our “best … Continue reading

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President Trump? The Donald on China

We could do worse. LOTS worse. No bowing and scraping before Hu Jintao or other world leaders for THIS American. On China: “These are not our friends.  These are our enemies.  These are not people that understand niceness.  And the … Continue reading

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Chung Kuo – The Wheel Turns…

Why would Jim Beeland Rogers, Jr., – one of America’s most prescient and successful investors – sell his New York City mansion for $16m and move himself, his family, and his life to Singapore at age 65? Why is his … Continue reading

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US concerned over China’s rapid development of new weapons

Duh. Some us have been warning of this for YEARS. “US defence secretary Robert Gates says China’s rapidly developing defence capabilities are worrisome to the US.” “They [China] clearly have potential to put some of our capabilities at risk,” Gates … Continue reading

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