Doing Jobs Americans Won’t Do (again)

In another story of hard-working illegal alien Mexicans coming to America to realize their dreams, the Ogden Standard Examiner reports on 2010.12.23 that Felipe Casas-Zavala, 32, Roberto Mora, 41, Jesus Dominguez, 43, and Omar Palomares, 34, have been arrested on charges of intending to sell a pound of methamphetamine.

Subhead: Undocumented immigrants found with meth worth $26,000

If you’re interested in reading the entire article, contact me and I’ll send it to you. The Standard Examiner makes it impossible to link directly to the story. This is the same home-town newspaper that charges newsstand and subscription fees for their ENGLISH language paper while distributing El Estandar (their Mexican version) at no charge. The same local paper that is most recently owned by a bunch of leftist media carpetbaggers from somewhere in Ohio. This rag represents Ogden and Utah community values like Janet Napolitano represents border security.

Anyway, Ogden natives and long-time residents over 50 will recognize this story as just one more tick on the yardstick measuring how unrestrained immigration completely changes the character of a smallish town from a sleepy little railroad-centered backwater into a Mexican gang-infested barrio no longer fit for civilized society.

“Police believe the men were involved in a drug distribution ring based in Salt Lake City that was supplied by Mexican drug cartels out of Southern California, said Weber-Morgan Narcotics Strike Force Sgt. Troy Burnett.”

Got to love those “hard-working immigrants who share our family values”, huh?

Burnett goes on to lament the rapidly changing scale of the problem over just the last decade:

“A pound of methamphetamine used to be a surprise when Burnett was working the drug beat a decade ago, he said. This bust marks the 42nd pound of methamphetamine the strike force has booked into evidence this year.”

To aggravate an already critical and often deadly circumstance, simpering do-gooders of the left BurbankBeckerestablish “sanctuary cities” and their police turn a blind eye from the invading narco-terrorists from Mexico and Central America. Salt Lake City is just 30-odd miles south of Ogden. Its Mayor Ralph Becker and its Police Chief Chris Burbank “celebrate the wonderful diversity” of our communities by openly inviting illegal alien invaders to establish bases of operation there, and by making it clear that immigration enforcement will be steadfastly avoided.

“Burnett points to a lack of enforcement from Salt Lake City. ‘That’s now a juncture point all throughout the Northwest. They smuggle it into California and up to Salt Lake,’ he said.”

Delicious irony: One of Chief Burbank’s MOST WANTED is Jose Martinez Fernandez, listed on the SLCPD web site as a 29 year-old wanted for attempted sodomy of a child, a first degree felony with a $100,000 warrant.

I daily lament America’s general decline, but I am especially melancholy over the loss of my hometown to the culture and values of our enemies from south of the Rio Grande.

Additional story HERE.

Another HERE.

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