Newt agreees with me…sort of. Whose fault is this, REALLY?

Gingrich: Leaks show Obama administration ‘shallow,’ ‘amateurish’

Newt GingrichNewt gets it PARTLY right:

“You have a private first class who downloads a quarter million documents, and the system doesn’t say, ‘Oh, you may be over extended?’ I mean, this is a system so stupid that it ought to be a scandal of the first order,” Gingrich said. “This administration is so shallow and so amateurish about national security that it is painful and dangerous.”

But years and years in government have trained him to finger-point with the best, and to select only weak targets offering little jeopardy of retaliation or refutation. He’s on safe ground here vilifying everybody’s favorite whipping boy, Julian Assange; but WHERE in this interview does he say what to do about the New York Times and The Guardian UK?

“Information warfare is warfare, and Julian Assange is engaged in warfare. Information terrorism, which leads to people getting killed, is terrorism, and Julian Assange is engaged in terrorism,” said Gingrich. “He should be treated as an enemy combatant.”

Really? REALLY? What about “Pinch” Shulzberger, and “America’s Newspaper of Record?” Should he and his staff also be arrested and treated as an enemy combatants? Newt Gingrich is one of the smartest guys in the political establishment, but his corruption was complete before he was forced to resign his office, and his character is demonstrably suspect.

Too bad. So sad. Newt, you coulda’ been a contender.

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