McConnell Bravely Jumps on “Let’s Get Assange” Bandwagon

McConnellTHESE guys are our “fearless leaders”?

Mitch McConnell says…pretty much nothing.

Does it take courage to jump on a passing bandwagon? Maybe we can come up with a new National Civilian Freedom Award for guys like Mitch McConnell who bravely go where everyone has gone before.

Hopefully, smarter more useful people are working on REAL solutions to this problem that involve keeping information secure and weeding out losers like Bradley Manning before they can single-handedly gut our foreign policy. If that’s what’s actually happened. I doubt it. You just can’t underestimate the rage of the ruling class when they’re caught with their pants down. How embarrassing. That’s the REAL offense here; embarrassing grandees and pooh-bahs.  Surely a capital offense. Maybe our so-called diplomats will consider being less snarky and more…well, more DIPLOMATIC in what they say about their contemporaries considering how incompetent government information managers appear to be. I hate to beat a dead horse, but this witch-hunt for Assange is purely and simply meant to divert attention away from corruption and incompetence in government.

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