WikiLeaks raw IP address:

WikiLeaksWikiLeaks raw IP address:

Update: 2010.12.11 18:08GMT – Wikileaks is currently mirrored on 1697 sites.

Governments, groups, agents, and/or individuals are doing their best to make WikiLeaks inaccessible by disrupting domain name service for the site and by conducting repeated and massive DDOS attacks on its hosts.

Wikileaks can, as of this writing, still be reached at its raw IP address.

I am a loyal and patriotic American, but outrage against WikiLeaks is misplaced and logically unsupportable. I’ll explain this in a following post.

Governments are unrestrained in their ability to declare what constitutes illegal behavior, and they do so frequently, often without moral or logical justification.

“I miss the serenity of believing I lived under a good government, wisely designed and benevolent in its operation. But, as St. Paul says, there comes a time to put away childish things.”  –Joseph Sobran – The Reluctant Anarchist – December 2002

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