Unbiased Media…

…doesn’t exist. Never has, never will. So it shouldn’t surprise us that Linda Douglass, former network reporter who became slavishly devoted to ObaMao while attached to his campaign, then went to work in his Ministry of Truth to dispense reams of Newspeak (lies) shilling ObaMaoCare before becoming “vice-president for Strategic Communications” (huh?) at Atlantic Media, held a $1 million dollar fundraiser at her home for the DNC.

Linda Douglass“The DNC asked my husband if he would provide our house for a fundraiser and he said yes,” she said. “He has held fundraisers there in the past. This was his event. I was not involved in any way, though yes, I live here.”


Bet she was horrified to come home to find her modest DuPont Circle home overrun by America’s progressive-side Ruling Class. All that money. All those noses in the air.

This is why I encourage everyone to disregard anything sourced exclusively from American media outlets without diligent checking, and why I increasingly find the foreign press more useful than our own domestic media houses.

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