Maybe the Backseat Won’t Be So Bad…?

We who have lived all of our lives at the top of the world’s food chain find it difficult (or impossible) to contemplate it NOT being so. However, I may yet outlive America’s reign at the pinnacle. More often now, knowledgeable people are telling us that we will be dethroned much more rapidly than seems possible in present day, and their thinking is sound.

As Tom Winnifrith put’s it, “America is practically owned by China.”

“He reminded of the fact that in 1900, sterling was the world’s reserve currency but by 1948, that was no longer the case as the British Empire collapsed. ‘America is doing what Britain did,’ Winnifrith said. ‘America spends much more than it can afford and it’s not addressing the issue.’ In 1832, China and India were the world’s two largest economies and by 2032, they will regain that status, he predicted. ‘The 200 years when Britain and the US were the top two economies were an aberration and that will change,’ Winnifrith said. ‘The decline of empires has happened much faster than folks think.'”

Move over, Cousins; seems we’re on the way down.

Decline and Fall?

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