Murdoch Joins Bloomberg: Makes Lunatic Call for Amnesty

Rupert Murdoch is precisely the kind of immigrant that looney-tunes Michael Bloomberg described when he lamented that we were keeping so many physicians and scientists out with our “broken” immigration policies. Not like those thousands of OTHER “professionals” that don’t seem to have any trouble at all getting in, those who are streaming nightly across the Rio Grande and through the southwestern deserts and mountains with bales of drugs strapped to their backs, many with what they hope will be newly-minted American citizens in their wombs. Murdoch embraces Bloomberg’s call for open borders and legalizing the 12 million (give or take a few million) busboys, child molesters, drywallers, stucco applicators, gangsters, ditch-diggers, cooks, drug dealers, maids, housekeepers, rapists, and nannies who are already here. Let’s ask Bloomberg and Murdoch to sit down in a room with the friends and family of David and Tiffany Hartley of McAllen, Texas to get their views. Unfortunately, David won’t be able to sit in; he’s dead, shot in the head by Mexican gangsters from the south side of Falcon Lake. While out with Tiffany riding jetskis, they were accosted by guys from Mexico in several boats, and as they fled, David was shot through the head. Who knows? Maybe these killers were some of the Mexican physicians or scientists that Bloomberg says we desperately need in the United States. Ya’ think? Tiffany would probably be dead, since they shot at her too, but thankfully Mexican gangsters and thugs aren’t known for their finely honed shooting skills. More like Spray ‘n’ Pray. Read updated information on this tragic story HERE. These guys (Murdoch, Bloomberg, and their ilk) live in a bubble, don’t they? They can’t imagine their subservient Mexican gardener blowing out their kid’s brains, or duct-taping their spouse’s arms for a violent daytime rape. But WE know better, don’t we? Shit happens.


“It is nonsense to talk of expelling 12 million people,” testified Murdoch. “Not only is it impractical, it is cost prohibitive.” Murdoch cited a study that gauged “the price of mass deportation at $285 billion over five years,” which amounts to $57 billion per year, adding that “there are better ways to spend our money.”

His rationale (if you discount the idiotic but obligatory “immigrants are GOOD for America” bullshit) seems to be that we don’t have the will or the wherewithal to deport them anyway. Not to beat a dead horse, but these alien invaders will largely self-deport if we start imprisoning their employers, thus drying up the jobs that they supposedly came here to do. They know this. Whatever they are, they’re not that stupid. (Well, maybe Bloomberg is; he certainly says lots of stupid things.) These two Ruling Class Pooh-bahs also whine continuously about the lack of willingness on the part of the Country Class (you and me) to “compromise” to obtain “comprehensive immigration reform” (Newspeak for total amnesty.)

So here’s a compromise I’m willing to make:

I will embrace and support the granting of citizenship to non-criminal illegal aliens already in the United States when birthright citizenship is ended, when we have a double-barrier fence or wall with no-mans zone along the entire southern border, and when we have a fool-proof means of identifying citizens and LEGAL immigrants (biometric ID cards, universally accessible instant databases, etc.) and after we have legislated severe criminal penalties with mandatory prison sentences for employer violators.

Until and unless, no deal.

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