Is America on the Brink of a Second Revolution?

Well, that depends on what the meaning of the word “brink” is. I doubt I’ll live to see the civil disorder/chaos/open combat/military dictatorship phases. The revolution itself has already begun, of course, though it’s not widely recognized as such. We’re in the “dissolve the People and elect another in their place” phase right now, wherein the distinction between the dominant political parties becomes blurred, and the ruling class of each disdains the masses and are openly contemptuous of their own constituents.

But yes; it’s begun.

For a very dark view of our immediate future, read Paul B. Farrell’s assessment HERE. He has a Juris Doctor and a Doctorate in Psychology. That doesn’t make MY putter flutter, but it may enhance his credibility for some.

Paul B. Farrell“Yes, we’re all ‘justifiably ticked off.’ But ‘Democrats, Republicans, and yes the Tea Party offer little that is encouraging.’ Earlier Morici warned: ‘Democratic capitalism is in eclipse. … Politicians have deceived voters,’ and are ‘suffering from delusions of grandeur, self deception and good old-fashioned abuse.'”

In any case, some grim prognostications.

Perhaps to underscore Farrell’s grim vision, the International Labor Organization (an agency of the United Nations, of course) reports that the global employment crisis will stir social unrest.

“It noted that social unrest related to the crisis has been reported in at least 25 countries, including some recovering emerging economies. This week riot police were on the streets as protesters in Spain, Belgium, Italy and Greece demonstrated against tough austerity measures. “

Civil Unrest


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