What Better Match than Emanuel and Chicago?

Emanuel and ChicagoThe people of Chicago (and Illinois in general for that matter) seem to have a limitless appetite for corruption and stupidity in government.

I have no doubt that Emanuel will succeed in his quest to rule over Chicago. He will have to exert himself mightily to surpass the dark chicanery of the outgoing Prince of the City, Richard M. Daley (not to be confused with his father, King Richard J. Daley, who ruled the fiefdom for over twenty years beginning in the fifties, and who presumably taught his son everything he needed to know about how pond scum always gravitates into large floats.)Rahm with a bagel on his head.

America’s gain is Chicago’s loss. This should be entertaining. The only thing I admire about Emanuel is his willingness to express himself forcefully, plainly, and profanely. However slimy he is, the guy’s real. Crude, certainly; but I can imagine him endlessly practicing Arabesques before a wall of mirror. For those of you who don’t know (or don’t care) what I’m talking about, here’s a picture of Emanuel with a bagel on his head.

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