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For Sale: Slightly Used ObaMao, Justice Department Included.

1. Google raises a truckload of cash for ObaMao. 2. ObaMao administration drops investigation of Google. How weird is that? “Google’s Eric Schmidt recently said, “The average American doesn’t realize how much of the laws are written by lobbyists”.  He … Continue reading

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Ironic: In the Land of Lincoln, Soldiers Don’t Count

In fairness, this isn’t happening in Illinois only. But the irony is too delicious not to observe that in the Land of Lincoln, the votes of jailbirds are more important than the votes of soldiers. Explain to me how an … Continue reading

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Dr. Wolf Unravels the Empty Promises of Obamacare

Who better to explain the fraud of Obamacare than ObaMao’s second cousin, Dr. Milton Wolf? In this Washington Times editorial piece, Dr. Wolf punches straight through to the core of deceit of Obamacare, identifying in clear language the cynical, intentional  … Continue reading

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Remember November

Remember November

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Government Lied…But You Knew That

Unemployment figures misreported; media absent from story (as usual.) Guess what? Unemployment is actually at 10.1%. Don’t expect to see this story reported in traditional media. They continue to slurp the oily Kool Aid being poured by the professional liars … Continue reading

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Geert Wilders film on Islam can be viewed HERE. Wilders is currently on trial in the Netherlands for “Insulting Islam” and “Inciting Hatred Against Muslims.” He is also named in a fatwa (command to murder) by Australian imam Feiz Muhammad. … Continue reading

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“We are not at war with Islam.” This lie is so often and so widely repeated that we expect to hear it whenever a government apparatchik opens his or her mouth in public. It’s a lie. It’s Newspeak, as is … Continue reading

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Revolt of the Middle Class; Tea, Anyone?

Tony Blankley (one of my favorite scribblers) correctly analyzes the hatred of the Tea Party by Ruling Elites of all stripes, and describes how the resurgence of the Middle Class in America is being manifested in the movement. “What we … Continue reading

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Maybe the Backseat Won’t Be So Bad…?

We who have lived all of our lives at the top of the world’s food chain find it difficult (or impossible) to contemplate it NOT being so. However, I may yet outlive America’s reign at the pinnacle. More often now, … Continue reading

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Murdoch Joins Bloomberg: Makes Lunatic Call for Amnesty

Rupert Murdoch is precisely the kind of immigrant that looney-tunes Michael Bloomberg described when he lamented that we were keeping so many physicians and scientists out with our “broken” immigration policies. Not like those thousands of OTHER “professionals” that don’t … Continue reading

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Is America on the Brink of a Second Revolution?

Well, that depends on what the meaning of the word “brink” is. I doubt I’ll live to see the civil disorder/chaos/open combat/military dictatorship phases. The revolution itself has already begun, of course, though it’s not widely recognized as such. We’re … Continue reading

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Unbiased Media…

…doesn’t exist. Never has, never will. So it shouldn’t surprise us that Linda Douglass, former network reporter who became slavishly devoted to ObaMao while attached to his campaign, then went to work in his Ministry of Truth to dispense reams … Continue reading

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What Better Match than Emanuel and Chicago?

The people of Chicago (and Illinois in general for that matter) seem to have a limitless appetite for corruption and stupidity in government. I have no doubt that Emanuel will succeed in his quest to rule over Chicago. He will … Continue reading

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