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Oh, my. Kuhner sounds like…ME!

“President’s socialist takeover must be stopped. The common misperception on the right is that Mr. Obama is another Jimmy Carter: an incompetent liberal whose presidency is being reduced to rubble under the onslaught of repeated failures. The very opposite, however, … Continue reading

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What’s a HALE?

Thinking outside the box. What would this look like? A high-altitude unmanned aircraft that can stay aloft for 4 days (eventually 10 days), one that is powered by two Ford Ranger 4cyl truck engines fueled by hydrogen, one that can … Continue reading

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Newt fans: Gingrich Crushes Eggshells, Speaks Plainly about HaMosque

OK; I have a few problems with Newt Gingrich. He personifies the term “Washington Insider”. He has some personal baggage. (THAT part doesn’t bother me so much. We all have secrets, and we’ve all got closets with skeletons in them. … Continue reading

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Summer of Unrecovery

My buddy from the Portland, Oregon area sent a PDF containing slides of a presentation called the “Summer of Unrecovery” which, he tells me, was prepared by Jim Reinmuth at the College of Business at the University of Oregon. Apparently … Continue reading

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Malkin does Islam

Michelle Malkin does a nice job cataloging the pop-eyed, slavering hysteria of the Muslim world, illustrating the silliness of trying to avoid giving offense to death-loving cultists. An excerpt and a comment: (Click the pull quote for the full article.) … Continue reading

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Crush the eggshells. Destroy them utterly.

Though already linked below (and in full under “Fulford does Islam”), I am compelled to illuminate the major point I take from Fulford’s article, which is that we must always resist the tyranny of political correctness, because it is … Continue reading

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Fulford does Islam

Well said. You can say that once about James Fulford and be right all the time. Since this is a weekend in which we contemplate Islam’s unremitting War on Civilization, I thought you might enjoy Fulford’s thoughts on the subject. … Continue reading

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