Boehner: Dems Have Time for Comedy, Not Tax Cuts, in Congress

LofgrenI’ve always thought that Zoe Lofgren (D – CA) radiated the sort of bovine stupidity that George W. Bush was accused of throughout his political career. My judgment seems to be validated by her recent hosting of Stephen Colbert before the House Judiciary Committee where he used what passes for comedy in Democrat circles to mock immigration policies.

John Conyers (no rocket scientist himself) tried to stop the goofiness by inviting Colbert to leave the room, but Lofgren insisted that he stay to finish his peculiar bit.

What WE should be interested in isn’t Colbert’s skit. He’s not even funny, if you ask me. The fact is that it cost something north of $125,000.00 for Colbert to inflict his shtick on the nation. Or, more correctly, it cost YOU and ME and the rest of the tax-paying citizenry that much which, to Lofgren and the other Ruling Class pigs who do everything, go everywhere, and have everything based upon what they can steal from the public treasury, isn’t worth one second of consideration as to whether or not this kind of nonsense contributes anything of value to the people who are paying the bill.

BoehnerJohn Boehner correctly notes that it is insulting to all of us that Lofgren and her crew has time for such chicanery but no time to extend GWB’s tax cuts for those of us who pay the piper.

“Washington is spending more time with comedians than debating (our) economic future,” Boehner said, referring to comedian Stephen Colbert’s mocking testimony of the House on Friday. “They have time to bring a comedian to Washington, D.C., but they don’t have time to end the uncertainty. If we leave here this week and adjourn for the election without passing tax cuts, this will be the most irresponsible thing we’ve seen,” Boehner said.

Who votes for people like Lofgren?

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