Fulford does Islam

Well said. You can say that once about James Fulford and be right all the time.

Since this is a weekend in which we contemplate Islam’s unremitting War on Civilization, I thought you might enjoy Fulford’s thoughts on the subject. He helps us remember the hypocrisy of simpering New York progressives by drawing a comparison to their embrace of the HaMosque being proposed at Ground Zero and their excoriation of those who oppose it with circumstances surrounding another polarizing organization who wanted to operate in Manhattan a few years ago…the NRA, a uniquely American and very patriotic organization that was told by New Yorkers to drop dead when they planned to operate a themed restaurant in Times Square. Gottta love it; Islam knocks down a part of their city, kills 3000 Americans and NY politicians fall all over themselves licking the feet of those who despise America and want to destroy it. The NRA loves America (and Americans), works to protect and preserve our institutions, and are treated like rapists and murderers wanting to move into the neighborhood. Kind of makes you wonder why we care about New York at all, doesn’t it?

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