Waste, fraud, incompetence, racketeering: Business as usual for the Corruptocrats in DC.


Spreading your wealth around.

While you’ve been trying to decide whether or not you can avoid foreclosure, and staying up nights wondering how much longer your job will last, the criminal Corruptocrats in Washington have been pissing away BILLIONS of your hard-earned dollars.

What, you knew that? But wait, it goes beyond tearing up perfectly good pavement in American towns and cities so that it can be reapplied with “stimulus” money, beyond the transfer of private wealth into the hands of the government racketeers who’ve spent their lives extorting and stealing from American citizens. Way beyond. These thieves and incompetents have been dumping baskets full of our money into the streets of Iraq and elsewhere in a world that largely hates and despises Americans.

Read one story HERE.

ObaMao told you what he was going to do. Why didn’t you believe him? According to him and his communist cadres, “Things work better when you spread the wealth around.”

Wouldn’t we all be better off if we identified very early on toddlers and grade-schoolers who demonstrated a need to control others, to manipulate and coerce friends, and playmates; who lie, cheat, and steal and bully to get what they want? You know the type; people who seem driven to run things.

Yeah, that’s it; we identify them while they’re young, and then we smother them in their beds.

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