U.S. Navy “Diversity Accountability” = Reverse Discrimination

Admiral Gary Roughhead

The U.S. Navy has embarked upon a NEW voyage…into racial segregation and affirmative action. Typically, a gobbledygook euphemism is used to describe this pernicious back-to-the-future scheme; Admiral Gary Roughhead (the current CNO) lays down the rules for this new “Diversity Accountability” in a secret-but-leaked email to other flag officers, mandating that high-performing minority officers be identified by name to assure that they are offered key billets (jobs) in the navy command structure.

“The message specifies, “This list must be held very closely but will provide ready reference to ensure we are carefully monitoring and supporting the careers of the best and the brightest the Navy has to offer.” That is, the best and the brightest provided a sailor is one of the euphemistically “diverse.” If you are a white male, it might be time to set sail and seek opportunities elsewhere.”

The effect, of course, is that these minority officers will be mentored and fast-tracked to command or other key responsibilities ahead of their white counterparts who perform equally well or better. Just what we need: a U.S. Navy CNO – who so sympathizes with the current administration’s goals of loading up American leadership cadres with under-performing apparatchiks of the right color that he is willing to help destroy the meritocracy that our military structures strive for – bowing to the God of Diversity in an attempt to curry favor with America’s first communist president.

“In the contemporary naval bureaucracy, this type of politically correct nonsense has run out of control like a loose cannon on deck. The Naval Academy lists racial diversity as the “highest personnel priority,” apparently even over the mission of educating future Navy leaders for warfare on the high seas.”

Read the full WT article here.

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