The Audacity of Dope(s)

Liars, Boobs, Incompetents? All three? You Decide.

Where has there ever been assembled such an audacious gaggle of straight-faced liars as the Democrat Party has produced since they last came to power?

There are just too many examples to make them remarkable anymore; every day brings fantastic new claims from the mouths of these sons-of-Bill (I did NOT have sex with that woman), brash, bald-faced fabrications that belie obvious facts commonly understood by everyone with an IQ over 90.

Without further ado, here are today’s nominations for the Baron Münchhausen “I’ve Ridden a Cannonball” Prize:

Alfred E. Joe Biden

Alfred E. Joe Biden

First up: Alfred E. Joe Biden, for his contention that the stimulus package and other actions taken by himself and ObaMao have so far created or saved between 2.5 million and 3.6 million jobs, while the U.S. Department of Labor counts 2.9 million LOST jobs (that’s fewer, not more) during the same period. Oh, well, heh, that’s just ol’ Joe!

Alfred E. Brad Sherman

Alfred E. Brad Sherman

Next we nominate Rep. Alfred E. Brad Sherman (D) CA, who claims no knowledge of the DOJ dismissal of the case of voter intimidation by two New Black Panthers in Philly during the 2008 election, despite widespread media reporting, including allegations by a DOJ whistleblower that he was told the dismissal was “payback” and that such cases with black perps and white complainants would not be pursued.

Alfred E. Harry Reid

Alfred E. Harry Reid

And finally, we nominate the always-reliable prevaricator Alfred E. Harry Reid, for his look-you-in-the-eye contention that no illegal alien Mexicans are employed in construction in the State of Nevada. Nope. Not one. Maybe somewhere else that’s happening, but absolutely, positively NOT in Nevada, of that he’s 155% sure.

Alfred E. ObaMao

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