Are you willing to stand up for Arizona?

Keep Arizona Safe - State Web for contributions.

Debbie and I have contributed to the Keep Arizona Safe Fund. It was a wonderful feeling.

Can you, WILL you help?

As of Thursday, more than $500,000 have been contributed to the fund for the defense of the people and the State of Arizona, under attack from the vile and corrupt U.S. Department of Justice which is run in typical gangster style by ObaMao’s trigger man, Eric Holder. If that name doesn’t ring a bell, he was the state apparatchik responsible for effecting the sale of a presidential a pardon to international criminal Marc Rich during the closing hours of the Clinton administration in exchange for massive (obscene) contributions made to Clinton by Rich’s wife. Rich couldn’t do it himself, being the subject of U.S. arrest warrants, and was therefore hiding under a rock somewhere in Switzerland. Holder also carried Hillary’s water, promoting and helping to arrange presidential pardons for Puerto Rican FARC terrorists so that Hill could snag the New York PR vote in her run for the U.S. Senate. (It worked, btw.)

As Sara Palin put it “We are all Arizonans now.”

Please help by standing with the people of Arizona in their fight for what’s right, for state sovereignty, for the right of the people to protect themselves from the federally sanctioned invasion of our country. Click HERE or on the “Stand Up” button on the top of the right sidebar, or on the image at the top of this post if you can spare a few dollars, and if you want to stick a thumb in ObaMao’s eye. (Plus, you will get a nice PDF letter from Governor Jan Brewer thanking you for Standing Up.)

Please do it now. Be a part of something good.

PS: Many of you already know that Debbie and I made good on our promise to visit Arizona on a June vacation. It was a wonderful trip. We spent time in Flagstaff (which I LOVE) and at both rims of the Grand Canyon, in addition to driving through many miles of the spectacular Arizona landscape. It was a doubly-satisfying twofer, since the money we spent in Arizona was originally intended for California, where we had planned to go this summer. We were able to help counteract the spiteful, brainless boycotts of Arizona by many California companies and governmental agencies and spend time in a wonderful state filled with kindred souls, people who want to preserve their culture, their safety, and their way of life from a brazen Mexican invasion, and from a federal government bent on punishing them for their determination and grit. Please visit Arizona, if you can. The Grand Canyon beats snot out of Disneyland and Seaworld. Please also take very opportunity to patronize Arizona-based businesses.

If not now, when? If not you, WHO?

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