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A Gift from Dr. Walter E. Williams

Dr. Walter E. Williams is firmly established as my favorite modern philosopher. Dr. Williams was taught that the true test of one’s knowledge of a subject is demonstrated ability to explain it to someone who knows nothing about it. In … Continue reading

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Please meet Darren James Labonte

“We live in a culture of celebrity where what is not recognized doesn’t exist. Spies come out of a culture where what is recognized ceases to exist. The light is lethal.”

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Doing jobs Americans won’t do? This is where I live.

Of the eleven arrestees shown  in this photo from Friday’s Ogden Standard Examiner (June 4, 2010) ten are Mexicans. When I say “Mexicans”, that’s what I mean; they are Mexican Citizens, all in this country illegally. We call them “Illegal … Continue reading

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Finally…a President Helen Thomas can Appreciate!

Sometimes, I’m just speechless. Helen Thomas, finally in the White House Press Room with a president that hates Jews just like her, is free to tell you how she REALLY feels. Caution: Helen’s video might be offensive if you’re a … Continue reading

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Nose in the air, nose in the air, lookin’ like a fool wit’cher nose in the air.

“Why is Obama’s nose always in the air? His incredible arrogance? Or does something stink?” The quote is from a random Yahoo post, ironically categorized as a “solved question.” 🙂 It IS solved of course, that question. Something definitely stinks, … Continue reading

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Welcome, Christopher.

Yes, Christopher has consented to contribute occasionally to these bits and bytes, to break the humdrumness (I made that up. I saw the squiggly red line beneath it, but defiantly ignored it) and monochromatic drumbeat of my own efforts. Please … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road…

California and Atlantis: What do they have in common? Both are mythic and magical. One may never have existed, but is reputed to have sunk beneath the waves, extinguishing its glory forever. The other is definitely a real place. I’ve … Continue reading

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