ObaMao to the People of Arizona: Mexico now controls part of your state. Keep out.

ObaMao continues to ignore the Governor of the State of Arizona several weeks after his self-imposed two-week deadline for renewed contact has passed.

Is My Mouth Moving?

How can you tell when ObaMao is lying? His mouth moves.

Like everything else that comes out of this Marxist turd’s mouth, “I’ll get back to you” is a lie. ONE thing has happened since Governor Brewer’s meeting with His Godness: The federal government has erected signs as far as 80 miles inside the Mexico/Arizona border warning Arizonans and tourists to KEEP OUT. Apparently, ObaMao is ceding control of these vast tracts of the United States of America to smugglers, drug cartels, and your average, everyday alien invaders.


DANGER - This part of Arizona controlled by Mexico


The United States Government won't protect you here.


Warning: Travel Arizona at your own risk.

Doesn’t this turn your stomach and and make your neck red? The president of the United States saying, in effect, to Mexico “We give up. Arizona is yours. Take it. And good riddance.”

Watch Governor Brewer’s video; it’s short and to the point. She refuses to cede ANY part of Arizona to foreign control, and she’s asking for the United States Government to perform it’s most basic, elemental function: The protection of our borders from foreign invasion, and the protection of American citizens from violence at the hands of the invaders.

What does she get from ObaMao? Threats, boycotts, and a federal DOJ lawsuit. Pathetic. Infuriating. Despicable.

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