Lord of the Flies Declares War!

…on Arizona.

Illegal Invasion in Progress

Here’s a president who won’t even speak to the CEO of BP before calling for his resignation, who won’t meet with that CEO to coordinate mitigation efforts, but thinks that promising criminal prosecution is the way to gain the best efforts of the people who have to clean up the mess.  Here’s a president who calls small-town police “stupid” just before admitting that he doesn’t have the facts surrounding their arrest of one of his cronies. Here’s a president who refuses to meet with the governor of one of the 5o (or 57 if you learned geography where ObaMao did) United States to discuss a devastating foreign invasion underway, who refuses to answer numerous written entreaties for assistance (or even to acknowledge receiving them.) Here’s a president who prefers instead to have his Secretary of State ambush the government and people of Arizona by announcing his declaration of war upon them first to citizens of a foreign country (Ecuador). The governor of Arizona and the people of Arizona have to hear about it on the news. The United States Federal Government vs. the Governor and the People of the State of Arizona. And the people of Ecuador are the first to know? Wow.

Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies

Are you starting to see a pattern here? Why does ObaMao so despise the people of Arizona? Why does ObaMao so despise the productive people of the United States?

What sort of man is this? How long before it’s obvious to everyone that he’s totally incompetent, not up to the job at all?

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