General Chaos

Two Dummies Waging War

General McChrystal will reportedly appear to kiss the ring (and the ass) of ObaMao tomorrow, resignation in hand.

The resignation should be accepted. The General can’t possibly be as stupid as he now seems, but he is walking, talking proof of concept: A man can be highly educated, brilliantly capable in one or more specialty fields, and yet be a complete boob in other aspects of his life.

Here is a General Officer in the United States Army without the maturity to conduct his own daily affairs. And we want him to run a war? I don’t think so. McChrystal admittedly voted for ObaMao; what does that tell you about his intellect and judgment?

Nothing could be more just than to have McChrystal’s military career ignominiously ended by the communist President that he helped to elect.

Goodbye, Stanley. And good riddance.

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