Nose in the air, nose in the air, lookin’ like a fool wit’cher nose in the air.

You wouldn't understand

“Why is Obama’s nose always in the air? His incredible arrogance? Or does something stink?”

The quote is from a random Yahoo post, ironically categorized as a “solved question.” 🙂

It IS solved of course, that question. Something definitely stinks, and he has demonstrated his incredible arrogance almost every single day of his public life.

But really, how can a United States President ignore completely, even refuse to speak to or acknowledge a sitting governor of one of our fifty united states? (Get that, ObaMao, FIFTY states…not FIFTY-SEVEN.) Only now, after more than a year of effort, has Governor Jan Brewer of the State of Arizona received ANY attention from our great-and-glorious leader. And that happened only because millions of Americans were wondering the same thing; HOW?

In the interests of good government, and especially from a president who promised to conduct the most representative and open administration in history, isn’t he obligated, even legally required to respond to their entreaties? Presidents MUST be willing to have discourse with the governors of our states or be guilty of malfeasance. Period.

And when public pressure and an army of political consultants and pollsters forced ObaMao to meet with Governor Brewer, what did she get? “Thanks for coming. My people will get with your people. And by the way, your law stinks, and we’re going to obstruct you in every way that we can, including using the unlimited power of the U.S. Justice Department and our wholly-owned federal courts to hammer your smart ass into the ground until we make you wish you’d never been born. Anything else on your mind before we show you out?”

Thanks, Governor Brewer, for providing another lesson on ObaMao’s agenda, his determination to implement as much as he can before he’s out of office, and for demonstrating what REAL government is all about.

Oh, and President ObaMao, try to remember the LAST guy who envisioned himself at the helm of history, and who always had HIS nose in the air. Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini thought he would lead Italy and the Axis powers into a “New World Order”. Between 1925 and 1927, Mussolini progressively dismantled virtually all constitutional and conventional restraints on his power, thereby building a police state. Beginning to sound familiar?

To suppress resistance in Sicily, Mussolini appointed Cesare Mori as a Prefect of the City of Palermo, writing to him in a telegram “Your Excellency has carte blanche, the authority of the State must absolutely, I repeat absolutely, be re-established in Sicily. If the laws still in force hinder you, this will be no problem, as we will draw up new laws.” Mussolini launched several public construction programs and government initiatives throughout Italy to combat economic setbacks or unemployment levels. His earliest, and one of the best known, was Italy’s equivalent of the Green Revolution, known as the “Battle for Grain”, in which 5,000 new farms were established and five new agricultural towns on land reclaimed by draining the Pontine Marshes. In Sardinia, a model agricultural town was founded and named Mussolinia, but has long since been renamed Arborea. This town was the first of what Mussolini hoped would have been thousands of new agricultural settlements across the country. This plan diverted valuable resources to grain production, away from other less economically viable crops. The huge tariffs associated with the project promoted widespread inefficiencies, and the government subsidies given to farmers pushed the country further into debt. Again, does this sound familiar?

Mussolini’s foremost priority was the subjugation of the minds of the Italian people and the effective use of propaganda to accomplish this control. Press, radio, education, films—all were carefully supervised to create the illusion that fascism was the doctrine of the twentieth century, replacing liberalism and democracy. Familiar? If not READ THIS. And THIS. And watch THIS. And THIS.

The law codes of the parliamentary system were rewritten under Mussolini. All teachers in schools and universities had to swear an oath to defend the fascist regime. Newspaper editors were all personally chosen by Mussolini and no one who did not possess a certificate of approval from the fascist party could practice journalism. These certificates were issued in secret; Mussolini thus skillfully created the illusion of a “free press”. The trade unions were also deprived of any independence and were integrated into what was called the “corporative” system. The aim (never completely achieved), inspired by medieval guilds, was to place all Italians in various professional organizations or “corporations”, all of which were under clandestine governmental control. Familiar? If not, read THIS. And THIS.


OTHER guy with nose in the air...

Oh, by the way; this OTHER “fool wit’ his nose in the air” was eventually executed in the small village of Giulino deMezzegra (along with his mistress and fifteen or so close advisers.) His body along with the bodies of the others executed with him was trucked in a moving van to Milan, where they were all dumped on the ground. After being shot again, kicked, and spat upon, they were hung upside down on meathooks from the roof of a gas station. The bodies were then stoned by the crowd of civilians in attendance. The corpse of the deposed and executed leader became subject to insult, ridicule, and abuse. After his death and subsequent post-mortem humiliation, his body was buried in an unmarked grave. So much for this OTHER messiah’s legacy.

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