Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road…




...and Atlantis

California and Atlantis: What do they have in common? Both are mythic and magical. One may never have existed, but is reputed to have sunk beneath the waves, extinguishing its glory forever. The other is definitely a real place. I’ve seen the sites, smelled the smells; even lived there. But both are lost. If Atlantis disappeared beneath the waves, California is fast sinking into an ugly morass of financial and social squalor. Who wouldn’t miss Disneyland, or prime rib at Lawry’s? I do. Who could stand in mid span on the Golden Gate and not feel a rush? Not me. Done it many times. But my memories are happy ones, and I’m not going to trash them by going back to the the once-great Golden State to gloat over its rotting corpse. California is the social and political manifestation of the undead; a staggering golem from which the soul has gone, but one which refuses to lie down and accept death.

Amidst the financial and social ruin, the communists, the progressives (same thing), the liberals (ditto) are still busy, like fleshflies, and the various kinds of beetles that feed on death. Gorging on the corrupted flesh and working diligently to advance  decomposition of the remains, these goblins hasten The End.

As the business environment fails, as the entertainment industry goes on life support, as public employees are paid with IOUs and default looms, California politicians relentlessly advance the agenda of these leftist death angels, squandering vast sums on projects like the Malibu Fish Ladder.

Fish for brains

Fish for Brains

Standing before the cameras in goofy floppy hats and frumpy house dresses (WHY are they so ugly; Why are conservative women, taken as a whole, so much more attractive?) they lecture on restoring fish absent for more than a generation to their historical spawning grounds, and make flimsy excuses for why these projects shouldn’t be foregone until times of plenty return instead of squandering scarce resources on them in a time of looming bankruptcy.

Ron Gochez - Third from left - California Commie Teacher

Ron Gochez - Third from left - California Commie Teacher

In a time when California citizens can’t prevent their children being brainwashed by racist teachers who openly advocate violent revolution and the return of the Southwest to Mexico, in a time when there are (estimated by FAIR) nearly FOUR MILLION illegal immigrants sucking up scarce-to-non-existent California state resources, when nearly EIGHT BILLION DOLLARS are being spent in California to educate illegal immigrants, when ONE AND A HALF BILLION DOLLARS are being spent to provide health care to them, when ONE AND A HALF BILLION DOLLARS per year are being spent to incarcerate Mexico’s criminals in California, guess what California politicians decide to do with their time and money? Boycott Arizona.

Yes, from Berkeley to San Francisco, from Los Angeles City and County to Richmond and San Pablo, California politicians are voting official boycotts of Arizona despite overwhelming public support for the measures that the people of Arizona have taken to try to save themselves.


Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road

I could go on (and ON.) But you get the picture. It really is too late for California. They have few if any politicians brave enough to deliver the bad news to their constituents, brave enough to resist the tide of progressive craziness. They have no Jan Brewer. And their OWN governor was only heroic in the movies. W-h-a-t? The Terminator needs heart surgery? He’s not bullet proof? That’s right. And he can’t save California either.

So Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road. We’ll miss what you were, California, in the fifties and sixties. But we’ll not shed a tear for what you’ve become near the end. And the end is probably near.

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