Finally…a President Helen Thomas can Appreciate!

Helen "Call me Adolph" Thomas

Helen "Call me Adolph" Thomas

Sometimes, I’m just speechless.

Helen Thomas, finally in the White House Press Room with a president that hates Jews just like her, is free to tell you how she REALLY feels.

Caution: Helen’s video might be offensive if you’re a Jew (or a human being of any other kind.)

Everyone and everything will outlive its usefulness. Most people sense or know when that has happened, when the synapses are no longer closing properly. They usually retire into graceful anonymity, understanding that the world has passed them by, and that no one is left who cares what they have to say or what they think. When you believe that I’ve arrived at that point, PLEASE tell me.


Fire up the ovens...

Helen Thomas is a grotesque anomaly, having gone straight into advanced stage senility without having the opportunity to understand that she has become farcical, kept in her seat for the amusement of her cynical and despicable stablemates, and as Costello to the White House’s current Abbott.

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