UK Cabbie Rampage – Shoots Many, Kills 12

Birdy. "He was a nice fellow."

English cabbie Derrick Bird, despite living in the UK under strict and rigorously enforced gun control laws, where you can go to prison for a very long time for injuring a burglar in your own home, has managed to shoot many of his fellow citizens, murdering at least 12 of them. There were no histrionics, and there were no discussions. “Birdy” just drove up and shot them immediately, usually in their faces. Straightaway. England has lots of cops who were summoned early and often. And yet 12 lives were taken and all the police could do was follow Mr. Bird’s trail of corpses, string blue and white crime tape, and cover the bodies. They were unable to catch up to “Birdy” before he ran out of targets (or ammo) and shot himself.

The police were unable to save any lives during this rampage. That happens quite a lot. We need police, but what are the chances of having police with you when “Birdy” or someone like him shows up? Slim…and none.

Which would give you the best chance of survival with “Birdy” dogging you; a cell phone, or a Glock 30? A reasonable argument against violence, or a Mossberg 500? In the UK, you don’t get a choice.

Story from The Sun — Story from The Guardian — Story from The Times

Lots of Cops - Pretty Blue and White Tape - Lots of Dead People

Lots of Cops - Pretty Blue and White Tape - Lots of Dead People

I can confidently say that every home within view of mine contains at least one firearm, and some probably contain several. I have guns myself.

I feel safe; my neighbors don’t scare me. They feel safe; they know I’m not going to shoot them.

If my neighbors need my help, I’ll take a gun and go help them. If I’m in trouble, one or more of my neighbors will (hopefully) get a gun and come to my aid.

Guns are legal here. Almost everyone has them. And yet no one in my neighborhood (or my town) has been murdered by a shooter today, and crime rates are in decline.

In Derrick Bird’s UK, crime, including violent crime, is escalating wildly out of control, and  despite draconian gun control laws.

Hmm. How weird is that?

Some things sound deceptively simple. But MOST things are exactly as simple as they sound.

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