Victor Davis Hanson Dissects ObaMao

This is a longish video, but extremely worthwhile for those seeking to fully understand ObaMao. Hanson is a very scholarly and understated person. His insights on ObaMao are right on…and some of what he concludes may surprise you.

One of his admonitions seems to be: Hold on to your seats; the world is catching it’s breath but chaotic times are ahead.

…he’s a post-modern President. That’s a fancy word for saying a culture that arose after the modern period, the so-called the post- modern period. And within it is a belief system that incorporates things like utopian pacifism. He seems to believe that as a child of the Enlightenment that if very brilliant, smart, educated, technocratic people get together, they can adjudicate differences rationally and without rancor, and that we can leave our Neanderthal past of emotions behind—especially to the degree that we are led and enthused by people like himself that were properly educated, properly cool, properly charismatic with the less fortunate who sometimes cause trouble and are misunderstood.

Who hasn’t watched ObaMao sarcastically diminishing improperly indoctrinated critics, ridiculing them for their lack of “cool”, putting them down for their inability to recognize his greatness?

Yet a third element in his foreign policy is omnipotent debt. If you are going to borrow in the first 14 months three trillion dollars, and increase the aggregate US debt burden from 11 to 14 trillion dollars, and if you submit a long-term budget process that’s going to get us to 20 trillion in eight years, then you’re going to have less options abroad, in reference to defense, a sort of the weakening the sinews of war as Cicero talked about in the relationship of Roman preparedness to finance.

We simply are not going to have the capital to fund present defense and aid outlays, and people are already anticipating that overseas. Obama is going to have to make cuts and we know where he won’t make cuts and where he will—another air squadron, yes to cuts; another health care addendum, no. China pays attention more than we do to that reality.

…and we all know how well that turned out for Rome.

And so we’re in a waiting game, for we have sowed a very dangerous crop, and now we’re waiting for a bitter harvest, in a fashion like the year 1979. I fear it is going to just take one gambler to call Mr. Obama’s bluff and in essence, call our hand, and say what you’re going to do about it? And that choice will determine whether that’s the end of such a dangerous gambit or an invitation to many, many more.

You can read a transcript here if you prefer reading to video.

The transcript includes audience questions and Hanson’s responses. (The first Q&A is an ass-kicker.)

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