It’s Not About Complexion; It’s About Ideas.

Contrast the eloquence, the heart-warming love of country, the sincerity, of Gabriella Saucedo in this video clip from a Tuscon City Council meeting on the subject of having the city sue the State of Arizona over SB1070 with the despicable La Raza rant by the LA teacher in the post following this one. Why, if we’re such “weak, racist white people” as the pony-tailed Hugo Chavez wannabe teacher calls us in the video below this one, why then do we LOVE immigrants like Gabriella Saucedo, someone we can be very proud of, someone who came to America lawfully, made the effort to learn language and culture, waited through the long years for citizenship, someone who is a credit to America and a source of pride to all American citizens? Why?

The answer is very simple, and I’ve said it many times. The squealing piggies of the left have been very successful in co-opting command and control of the language, just as communists and fascists have done throughout history to promote their ideologies. Thus, an unpopular policy like conferring IMMIGRATION AMNESTY on millions of illegal alien invaders is converted to a softer, kinder, gentler phrase, and like magic, IMMIGRATION AMNESTY becomes IMMIGRATION REFORM. Who can be against REFORM? And if you oppose REFORM, aren’t you just a RACIST? 1984. Love is Hate. War is Peace. See how that works?

You can’t let them do this to you. You can’t let the RACIST label sting you, or back away from your belief system because some vile scheming commie (like the teacher in the video that follows this post) has figured out that he can actually make you a racist just by calling you one. Language is a great and powerful tool, and fortunately, by misuse and overuse, our enemies are helping us take the punch out of the word RACIST. More solid, thinking, patriotic Americans who know that they are NOT racists are willing to criticize Barack Obama because he’s a communist; when they do this, they are called racist by Obama’s politburo and apparatchiks, and are often viewed as such by the compliant and sycophantic media. More Americans are willing to speak up about the disgraceful and treasonous abandonment by the Federal Government of its responsibility to protect our borders, even though it means being classified by the loony left as racist.

I believe that we are entering a perilous time in our history as a nation, one in which our social and political differences have become irreconcilable in every sense of the word. I no longer mind being called racist by my enemies because they HAVE BECOME my enemies, and I expect the worst from them. Their aspersions mean nothing, less than nothing. I will no longer argue with them because there is nothing new to offer on the matter from either side. The lines have been drawn, bright and sharp, and the gray areas have gone. We are no longer one nation, though it takes time (as well as blood, sweat, and tears) before maps change to reflect the new reality. We are TWO nations living within defined but meaningless borders, and people of all races are to be found on both sides. The evidence is everywhere, and Gabriella Saucedo is proof of it. We are not a nation of colors, with divisions separating us by the darkness of lightness of our complexions, but a nation of ideas, with radical communists on one extreme and radical libertarians on the other. The rest of us fall between until we come to the bright line in the middle. Where you are in the spectrum is no longer as important as which side of the line you’re on. America hangs in the balance. Will we become another dull, gray, socialist country, indistinguishable from the European amalgam, or will we hearken back to the American exceptionalism philosophies of our founders? A hundred years from now, will we share a map as we do now, or will we live in states of different shapes, Ayn Randians and their cohorts in one, and Barack Obamians in the other? But, I digress. For now, if you want to call me a racist because I hate Barack Obama, La Raza, and Chuck Schumer, it’s OK with me. But then you’ll have to explain why I love Thomas Sowell, Grabriella Saucedo, and David Horowitz. See, it’s not about skin shade. It’s about ideas.

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