L.A. Teacher Calls for Mexican Revolt in the U.S.

Not much I can add. California vacation, anyone? Compassion for La Raza, anyone? Apparently, this commie turd is a TEACHER in LA. One of the posters on the YouTube site identifies him by name, his school, and provides a phone number. For what it’s worth. What more proof do you need that these Mexicans have NO desire or intention to assimilate into our culture. These are the faces of reconquista. They hate you, whitey, they hate your culture, your heritage, your system of government…everything about you. To them, you are indeed the “frail [or shrill?], racist, white people” that he describes in the video. Remember that next time one of them comes to you for a job. Think of that next time you hear some corruptocrat in government propose “Immigration Reform” which you and I know means ONE thing: AMNESTY.

Think about this pond scum living next door to you.

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