I wasn’t thinking.

* This post is archival, resulting from a poor decision on my part to put column links without comments on a separate page. That was stupid. So I copied them here and deleted the page “InMyEyes.”

Sunday – May 2

NUGENT: Immigration lesson for numskulls
Arizona is leading, America should follow

PRAGER: Why Left Talks About ‘White’ Tea Parties
This is intended to disqualify the tea parties from serious moral consideration.

ATLAS SHRUGS: The Freaks, Geeks, Traitors, America-Haters Out In Force
Some great photos here showing the true character of people organizing and attending these rallies; “Community, Student, and Labor Activists” translates into a very loud minority whipped up into a swastika-waving unruly crowd of commies and statists.

WILL: Arizona law’s foes are using the real immigration scare tactics
Meanwhile, hysteria about domestic fascism is unhelpful, even though it is a liberal tradition.

Arizonans Say Immigration Law Will Reduce Crime
Supporters Say the Law is a Necessary Step for Law Enforcement; Anti-Law Rallies Planned for Weekend Nationwide

Thousands march in Seattle for immigration reform
In Yakima, a counter-demonstrator held a sign that said “Gracias, Arizona.”

Saturday – May 1

Developing story.

GAO: Census has computer problem
Scraps $700 MILLION handheld computer system.
Goes back to PAPER; that’s not working either.
Hey, it’s only (your) money!

596 immigrants convicted of crimes nabbed in South
Federal agents say they have arrested 596 immigrants with criminal records during a three-day immigration enforcement sweep across the Southeast.

93 arrested so far in Arpaio’s latest sweep
Two-thirds of the 93 people arrested during the first day of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s latest crime and immigration sweep were believed to be illegal immigrants.

17 caught in search for Ariz. deputy’s attackers
Deputy Louie Puroll, 53, was patrolling near Interstate 8 when he came upon a stash of marijuana bales and five suspected smugglers. At least one of the suspects opened fire on him, tearing a chunk of skin from his back.

STEYN: Bigotry label for thee, not me
Was Franklin Delano Roosevelt a Nazi?
Liberals bash Arizonans from the back seat of their limos.

Friday – April 30

KUHNER: Is Obama fomenting a race war? – Washington Times
Fanning the flames of racial tension in Arizona is deliberate.
The consequences are the gradual Balkanization and breakup of America.
Not since the Civil War have Americans been so divided.
Welcome to Mr. Obama’s fascist America.

Thursday – April 29

EDITORIAL: Obama’s racial appeal – Washington Times
POST Racial or MOST racial?
White men need not apply.

EDITORIAL: Angry, hateful, violent, extremist liberals – Washington Times
“The Tequila Party”
Unlike Tea Parties, the left really is uncivil.

KOBACH: Arizona acts as Washington dithers – Washington Times
“Si se puede”
Attacks on new immigration law based on myths.

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