EDITORIAL: Stinko de Mayo

Offensive: U.S. Colors at School

Offensive: U.S. Colors at School

On May 5, five students at Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, Calif., were sent home for wearing clothing featuring the American flag. Their offense: trespassing on Mexican heritage during Cinco de Mayo.

*NOTE: My remarks are interspersed. All exerpts from the source material are linked to it.*

Let’s be honest about Stinko de Mayo: It was never a meaningful holiday even in Mexico. A small town in Mexico has so little going for it that their lives revolve around an ancient and insignificant military victory over the French. In any case, this is a dubious cause for celebration; are the any people anywhere that can’t claim a victory over the French? Anyway, some marketing genius pick up on this pale local holiday as a great way to sell a pissy-tasting mediocre Mexican beer, and the next thing you know you have rude, ungrateful Mexicans demanding that American kids in American schools hide Old Glory on May 5 so that they can properly respect this goofy beer holiday (that means nothing in their own native land) by wearing the Mexican flag and agitating for separatism…in a country that has offered them everything they couldn’t get in Mexico. What Stinko de Mayo REALLY provides is a focal event for rallying Mexican nativists against assimilation into their host culture (that would be US; that would be American culture.) It gives ugly vent to undisguised and undeserved hostility toward America and authentic Americans. There is nothing worth celebrating or even preserving in Mexican culture. Outside the high-toned vacation enclaves built and operated by American and other foreign interests, destinations that native Mexicans can only aspire to work in changing sheets and swabbing toilets, Mexico is a third world craphole just one half-step less repugnant than Somalia.

Give us FREE! America owes us!

Give us FREE! America owes us!

It’s time to completely harden your hearts to these parasitic invaders AND their ungrateful piggish offspring.

Not all flags are created equal. Some flags may be fashion statements, but the American flag is the patriotic symbol of the nation in which we live. This is why the American flag flies outside schools as opposed to, say, Zimbabwe’s. Schools should spend less time telling patriotic students not to cause a ruckus simply by wearing the national colors and more time teaching the kids who are offended by the American flag how wrongheaded their views are. This might require teachers and administrators to begin making value judgments and moral choices for the benefit of the children they are charged with educating. The Stars and Stripes should be a proud statement of unity for all.

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