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STEYN: Bearing signs, not scimitars – Loony left mistakes Tea Partiers for terrorists

Fifteen years ago, Bill Clinton set out to hang Timothy McVeigh around the necks of talk radio and, with a further stretch, Newt Gingrich and the congressional Republicans. It was an act of contemptible but undeniably brilliant opportunism. It worked … Continue reading

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Government Motors Repayment Fraud

Before you start turning cartwheels over the early bailout repayment by GM, understand the shell game; take unspent money from ONE government loan to repay ANOTHER government loan. Then do a polished TV commercial touting the company’s speedy recovery and … Continue reading

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White supremacist ‘stabbed and beaten to death by his black neighbour’ in Mississippi town

What, no HATE crime charge? This is how it’s done, isn’t it? White supremacists are depicted as violent and dangerous. Tea Party associates are described as “violent right-wing nut-jobs” and as being guilty of sedition. But how is it, REALLY? … Continue reading

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KUHNER: Smearing the Tea Party (Washington Times, 4/23/10)

When Bubba compares Tea Party people and conservative media folks to Timothy McVeigh, a bumper sticker pops into my head: “Clinton Lied-People Fried.” (OK, I’ve never seen that sticker. But it would be a good one, wouldn’t it? After all, … Continue reading

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