Brains…No Brains

Brains. These people want to preserve American borders, language, and culture:


Debbie Riddle - Bring AZ law to Texas

Texas Representative Debbie Riddle plans to introduce a tough immigration measure similar to the new law in Arizona.

Rep. Debbie Riddle of Tomball said she will push for the law in the January legislative session, according to Wednesday’s editions of the San Antonio Express-News and Houston Chronicle.

Duncan Hunter

Duncan Hunter (R) California - Deport Anchor Babies

Representative Duncan Hunter wants to deport the U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants but he isn’t the only one who wants to change the U.S. Constitution.

Hunter, who spoke at a tea party gathering in Ramona Saturday, said he does not believe children born to illegal immigrant parents should get automatic U.S. citizenship.

Tim James

Alabama Gubernatorial Candidate Tim James - Learn English

Amid a national debate over Arizona’s tough new immigration law, Republican Alabama gubernatorial candidate Tim James (and son of previous Gov. Fob James) vows in a new campaign ad that if he’s elected, he’ll give the state driver’s license exam only in English, as a cost-saving measure.

“This is Alabama; we speak English,” he says in the ad. “If you want to live here, learn it.”

No Brains. These people are willing to watch American culture decline and vanish from the earth:

Connie Mack

Connie Mack (R) Florida - Arizona Like Nazi Germany

Mack: Rep. Connie Mack (R-Fla.) ripped into the new Arizona immigration law today, comparing it to Nazi Germany. This law of ‘frontier justice’ – where law enforcement officials are required to stop anyone based on ‘reasonable suspicion’ that they may be in the country illegally – is reminiscent of a time during World War II when the Gestapo in Germany stopped people on the street and asked for their papers without probable cause,” Mack said in a statement. Yeah, about that, Connie; Americans of all colors are asked to produce proof of identity and status as a matter of daily life. Get stopped for speeding, better have your “papers.” Use your imagination. It’s a part of the fabric of our lives, white, black, brown, whatever. There’s nothing in the Arizona law that allows cops to stop people without probable cause, no matter what their race. And comparing Arizona to Nazi Germany? What an asshole. Bet the Jews in your district love that.

Marco Rubio

Rubio - Hasn't read AZ Law...But Doesn't Like It Anyway

Rubio: Florida Republican Senate candidate Marco Rubio criticized Arizona’s tough new immigration law today, putting him at odds with the national conservative establishment that has aided his meteoric rise.

Rubio said the law could effectively “single out people who are here legally, including U.S. citizens.”

Uhhh…maybe you should read the bill first, Rubio? Since reading bills will be a part of the job you’re running for right now. Or maybe like Conyers, you don’t bother reading bills because you wouldn’t be able to understand them anyway? Yeah, we need ANOTHER Senator like that, running off at the mouth “based on what I’ve read in news reports…” And this guy’s part of “the future of the Republican Party”? Hope not.


Bloomberg - "We Love Immigrants Here"

Bloomberg: “We don’t have doctors, and we’re not allowing people who want to come here and be doctors to come here,” the mayor said. “This is just craziness.” Yeah, Bloomberg, but think of the poor people of Arizona who have to go pick up all those stethoscopes and medical degrees littering the landscape dropped by Mexican doctors busting into America in the middle of the night.

“We have to get real about the 12 million undocumented here,” the mayor said. “We’re not going to deport them. Give them permanent status. Don’t make them citizens unless they can qualify, but give them permanent status and let’s get on with this.” We’re not going to deport them because people like you don’t have the nuts to do it, as Eisenhower did in the ’50s. Or maybe you just like having lots of little brown slaves around to make your beds and mow your lawns?

“People are developing new drugs in India, rather than here. They’re going to win the next Nobel Prize in China or in Europe, not here. If we want to have a future, we need to have more immigrants here.” W-H-a-a-t? Does this guy ever leave his house? Has he ever been to Arizona, New Mexico, California, Texas, Utah, Colorado, Nevada? I’ve got news for the King of New York: It’s not Nobel Prize winners that are killing ranchers and border patrolmen in OUR neighborhoods. It’s the same turds that are beheading their enemies in the streets of Nuevo Laredo. The same turds that are pricing young citizens and unskilled Americans out of entry-level jobs. THESE are the Mexicans climbing the fences and wading the river to get into America, Bloomberg, not medical doctors and pharmaceutical research scientists. How about this? You run your OWN city and state into a ditch (you’re doing a damn fine job of it, too) and keep your nose the fuck out of our business here in the West and Southwest.

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