SF Calls for Arizona Boycott

San Francisco Does Arizona

San Francisco Does Arizona

Wow. I’ll bet all those effete San Francisco snobs will be missed in Arizona. NOT!

San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera on Monday called for a sweeping boycott of the state of Arizona and Arizona-based businesses.

Looks like Arizona is the New South Africa. (I didn’t agree with boycotting SA either. Who was right and who was wrong? It WAS a prosperous, largely self-sufficient country. Now is a third-world craphole. There must have been some middle ground there that they could have pursued, but the slash-and-burn policies of the new government inflicted unending misery and hardship on everyone, black and white.)

By the way; compare the behavior of these protesting lawless invaders to ANY Tea Party event. What do your eyes tell you about who’s lawful, peaceful, respectful, and who’s not? Tea Party people pick up their water bottles and put them in the trash. These criminal Mexican rioters throw their bottles (and other trash) at police.

Anyway, Debbie wants to go to Disneyland, but I’ve been reluctant to go back to California for anything. I used to love it, but it’s been so corrupted and perverted over the past twenty years that I think of it in the same was as I think about Cuba. Call it a boycott if you want.

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