KUHNER: Smearing the Tea Party (Washington Times, 4/23/10)

J.T. Kuhner

J.T. Kuhner

When Bubba compares Tea Party people and conservative media folks to Timothy McVeigh, a bumper sticker pops into my head: “Clinton Lied-People Fried.” (OK, I’ve never seen that sticker. But it would be a good one, wouldn’t it? After all, who ordered the Waco invasion, Limbaugh or Clinton? I know; he had to BURN the babies and their mothers in order to SAVE them.) I’m gratified that Obamite scribblers and talking heads show no signs of desisting from their shrill accusations of racism and hatred which they level at anyone who dares criticize ObaMao’s frenetic quick-march of America into socialism and statism. The terms are overused, almost exhausted, and no longer carry the sting they had when they were used accurately and sparingly. Let them continue to pound these epithets into meaninglessness; they do our work for us. More and more, ObaMao’s acolytes and sycophants freely label themselves as socialists. Last year at this time, these same folks were indignantly denying their political ideology. Progress? Anyway, Kuhner says it a lot better than I do.

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